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CASAA Issues Call to Action for Abhorrent Tax on Vapers, New Cochrane Review and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Congress Democrats propose a ludicrously excessive tax on vapers and other consumers of smoke-free nicotine products. A must-listen podcast with harm reduction giants Ethan Nadelmann and Clive Bates. CASAA board members on Grimm Green show. The latest review of vaping by the Cochrane Review. Officials in Minnesota county rethink ban on flavors and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // National Nicotine Tax

A bill to fund President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan includes outrageously excessive nicotine tax taxes, increasing the costs of low risk products helping people quit smoking and going back on his promise to not raise taxes on lower income people.

TAKE ACTION: Stop an Excessive Federal Tax on Safer Nicotine Products

THIS MORE YOU KNOW // Ethan Nadelmann and Clive Bates

Two giants in the harm reduction world dissect the irrational, illogical and ultimately, harmful war on vaping on Ethan’s Psychoactive podcast. A “must listen!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

LISTEN ON APPLE: Clive Bates on the E-Cigarette Revolution

LISTEN ON GOOGLE: Clive Bates on the E-Cigarette Revolution

LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: Clive Bates on the E-Cigarette Revolution


Most people wrongly believe all tobacco use–even Swedish snus–is as deadly as smoking. Tobacco control expert David Sweanor says that is because the attacks on smoke-free tobacco “have long been moralistic, irrational, and decidedly counterproductive.”

READ MORE: David Sweanor: Swedish Match deserves as much credit as Volvo for saving lives

IN THE NEWS // Exposing Anti-Vaping Bias in the Media

We applaud Detroit Metro Times  editor-in-chief Lee DeVito for calling out the New York Times for its bad reporting on vaping! We hope he’ll also look into why anti-vaping groups choose to focus on the misleading “current use” stat vs “daily use.”

READ MORE: The NYT still doesn’t understand the difference between vaping black-market weed and regular e-cigs


Wondering what the heck exactly is happening with the PMTA rejections? Learn the facts, what it all means (and what may or may not happen next) from this article written by CASAA director Jim McDonald for Vaping360.

READ MORE: Vaping360 – PMTA Decision Day: FDA Leaves Vape Industry Twisting in the Wind

CASAA IN ACTION // Answering Questions on the Grimm Green Show

Catch not one…not two…but three CASAA board members — CASAA president Danielle Jones, and directors Jim McDonald and Matt Culley — answering questions and discussing the proposed federal nicotine tax on vaping advocate Grimm Green’s show!

RESEARCH // Anti-Vaping Bias in Research?

GSU News asks if vaping is safer than smoking, but the research itself seems focused only on “vaping harm.” As very few non-smokers vape, hopefully co-investigator Roby Greenwald will also compare exposures to cigarette smoke and acknowledge harm reduction potential.

READ MORE: Georgia State Starts Research Initiative on Study of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems with Chemical Insights Nonprofit

RESEARCH // Cochrane Review of Vaping Updated

“Systematic reviews carried out by Cochrane Collaboration (an international network of researchers belonging to this independent, not-for-profit organization) are recognized worldwide as the highest standard in evidence-based healthcare.”

The most recent Cochrane Review–of 61 completed studies, representing 16,759 participants–once again finds that there is “moderate‐certainty evidence that ECs with nicotine increase quit rates compared to NRT” and “did not detect  evidence of harm.”

READ MORE:  Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

ADVOCACY // Fighting the US Nicotine Tax

The fact that some Democrats are skittish about the tax should encourage vapers to pour on the opposition, messaging representatives and senators (through the [CASAA] call to action) and calling their offices.


It’s crucial that large numbers of vapers take action immediately to object to the nicotine tax, because once it’s locked into the final tax and spending bill, few if any Democrats will vote against the bill. Since Democrats have the ability to pass the bill with no Republican support, the tax proposal must be stopped before the bill’s final language is settled.

” ~Jim McDonald, CASAA Director

READ MORE: Nicotine Tax: Vapers Apply Pressure & Some Democrats Have Doubts

UPDATE // Mille Lacs County, Minnesota

County officials may actually listen to their constituents and not ban low risk, flavored nicotine and tobacco alternatives to smoking. The board is expected to vote on the measure at the next regular board meeting.

READ MORE:  Flavored tobacco products likely to remain in Mille Lacs County

TAKE ACTION // CASAA State Facebook Groups

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CASAA MEDIA // Podcast

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