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CDC 2021 National Youth Vaping Survey Data and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

CDC finally releases 2021 youth survey vaping and smoking data. Congress gives FDA instant power to regulate/ban synthetic nicotine vapes. Call to Action for Alaska. Heads up Illinois. Consequences of Finland’s snus ban and more!

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HB 110 would enact a 75% wholesale tax on e-liquids, vaping devices, and components. (HB 110 is the House version of SB 45)

This bill had a hearing on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Click the link for more info!

TAKE ACTION: Alaska – Stop a Vapor Tax

HEADS UP //Illinois Flavor Ban

Say you don’t know anything about vaping without saying you don’t know anything about vaping: “In addition, the [vape flavor ban] bill would also ban any tobacco product that also contains THC…”

(This is what happens when THC vapes are called “e-cigarettes” by Public Health.)

READ MORE: Illinois Seeks to Ban Flavored Tobacco Products

UPDATE // Synthetic Nicotine Bill

Anti-vaping lawmakers slipped language into the 2022 Omnibus Budget Bill that will be a near-immediate ban on the thousands of low risk e-liquids and smoke-free products that contain synthetic nicotine. The Senate passed the bill late on March 10th, after it had already passed in the House, and it now goes to the White House for President Biden’s signature.

READ MORE: What Does the Synthetic Nicotine Law Mean for Vapers?

TOBACCO CONTROL // Harmful Health Insurance

Unsurprisingly, high health insurance surcharges for tobacco use (which is really a surcharge for any type of nicotine use, because they test for cotinine, a nicotine byproduct) is causing health disparities due to lower enrollment.

READ MORE: Tobacco Surcharges Associated With Reduced ACA Marketplace Enrollment

TOBACCO CONTROL // Nonsensical Bans

How It Started:

Despite 30+ years of research showing no increased risk of disease or death from using snus, the smoke-free tobacco product is banned in the EU, including Finland. Deadly cigarettes remain legal.

How It’s Going:

“Finnish customs seized a record quantity of snus…”

READ MORE: Finnish customs seized a record quantity of snus and narcotic medicines

TOBACCO CONTROL // Benefits Outweigh the Risks

At what point will the “public health concern” about adults dying from smoking exceed that of youth vaping?

New 2021 data shows total youth “current” vaping about the same at just 7.6%, frequent/daily use at just 2.95% and current smoking is now at another record low of 1.5%.

TOBACCO CONTROL // Ignoring the Data

Anti-vaping Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids says 2.55 million youth using “tobacco” (mostly low risk vaping at 7.6%, cigarette smoking down to just 1.5%) “remains a serious public health problem,” but is completely ignoring that 2.55 million is actually a record low number (as is the 1.5% smoking rate) just to keep pushing their agenda of flavor bans.
2020: 4.4 million
2019: 6.2 million
2018: 4.8 million
2017: 3.6 million
2016: 3.9 million
2015: 4.7 million
2014: 4.6 million

COMMENTARY // Vape Taxes

The goal of discouraging e-cigarette use through broad, indiscriminate policies is fundamentally at odds with the best scientific evidence on harm reduction and public health….

When researchers examined the effects of Massachusetts’ flavor ban and tax, they found that messaging by health authorities questioning the safety of e-cigarettes led to an increase in combustible cigarette use in the Boston area….”
~ Steve Pociask

READ MORE: Why Taxing E-Cigarettes Is Backfiring for States — and Consumers

ADVOCACY // Switching IS Quitting

March 9th is #NoSmokingDay.

Vaping is not smoking.

Switching IS quitting.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

For more information:

RESEARCH // Gateway Effect

“If there really was a gateway effect, then, as vaping rates changed, those for smoking also should have a related pattern. In fact, while vaping in this age group jumped to about 5% in 2013…rates of regular smoking have fallen from about 30% in 2013 to 25% in 2018.”

READ MORE: Vaping Probably Isn’t a Gateway to Smoking


Anecdote #13,422

Our latest testimonial is from Jeff, a father in California who quit after smoking for 20 years by switching to vaping. He hasn’t smoked in over 8 years!

What’s YOUR real story? Submit your testimonial today!

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