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FTC’s oddly outdated vaping report and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

FTC’s oddly outdated vaping report. Calls to Action in Connecticut, Hawai’i, Alaska and Colorado. CASAA offers new advocacy materials. Board of Directors speak on panel about Synthetic Nicotine bill on CASAA Live and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Connecticut

No vote was taken on SB 367–a flavor ban in nicotine limit bill–Monday but we anticipate it will go through committee with little resistance, so contact your lawmakers in Connecticut NOW and urge them to reject SB 367!

TAKE ACTION: Connecticut – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Hawai’i Flavor Ban

HB 1570, yet another ill-advised FLAVOR BAN bill, is scheduled for a HEARING ON FRIDAY, March 18 at 1:31 PM. Click link to find out how to register or testify your opposition to this bill!

TAKE ACTION: Hawai’i – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Alaska Vape Tax

HB 110 would enact a 75% wholesale tax on e-liquids, vaping devices, and components. (HB 110 is the House version of SB 45)

This bill had a hearing on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Click the link for more info!

TAKE ACTION: Alaska – Stop a Vapor Tax

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Colorado Flavor Ban

Some may think restricting sales of vapes to adult-only establishments “fixes” the bill, but if you 100% advocate for Tobacco Harm Reduction, you know far safer vape sales should NOT be restricted in any way when cigarette sales are not!

TAKE ACTION: Colorado — Stop a Flavor Ban

UPDATE // Santa Ana Flavor Ban

Lawmakers across the country continue to remove flavored vaping products from shelves to “protect youth” despite STRONG evidence they contributed to RECORD LOW cigarette smoking rates for both youth and adults and CDC data showing there’s NOT a “youth vaping epidemic.”

READ MORE: Santa Ana bans flavored tobacco sales in the city

UPDATE // Indiana Vape Tax Reduced

The Indiana vape tax on closed systems, which takes effect in July, was successfully reduced from 25% to 15%. While we oppose any punitive taxes on safer alternatives to smoking, the reduced cost is welcome news for adults who use the low risk products!

READ MORE: Part of Indiana’s new vaping tax cut before taking effect

CASAA IN ACTION // Advocacy Materials

Did you know CASAA has a Pamphlet & Graphics download page? And (thanks to an excellent suggestion by Michigan vape shop owner Marc Slis) we now offer an eye-catching new “About CASAA” flyer to display at vape shops or wherever else low risk alternatives to smoking are sold!

about casaa pamphlet

CHECK IT OUT: CASAA Resources – Pamphlets & Graphics

CASAA IN ACTION // Statement on Flavor Ban

CASAA CEO Alex Clark’s statement on Connecticut flavor ban and nicotine cap was quoted in this article:

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, CASSA, said in their written testimony that passing this legislation would affect adults making the switch from cigarettes to smoke free alternatives.

“It is very disappointing that some of the comments the committee will hear on this legislation callously dismiss the experiences of millions of people who quit smoking” Alex Clark, CEO of CASSA said.

READ MORE: Flavored Vape Conversation Continues

IN THE NEWS // Media Misinformation

Article by Jenna Carlesso at the CT Mirror is just one example of recent media reports on youth vaping that inexplicably use 2017-19 data showing rise from 11.7% to 27.5% instead of recent 2020-21 data showing drop from 19.6% to 11.3% (concurrent with record-low youth smoking.) Hmm…🤔

IN THE NEWS // FTC Issues Odd Report

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) “first report on e-cigarette sales & advertising” is grossly outdated the minute it’s released, using sales and youth use data from 2015-2018 to raise alarm on a youth vaping trend that’s already dramatically declined. What is the goal here??

READ MORE: The Federal Trade Commission’s First Report on E-Cigarette Sales and Advertising Reveals Disturbing Trends Affecting the Health of Young Americans

TESTIMONIAL // Anecdote #13,424

This testimonial is from Ashley, who found flavors were a “game changer” for her to quit smoking for good. Unfortunately, New York banned non-tobacco flavors in 2020.

What’s YOUR real story? Submit your testimonial today!

READ MORE: CASAA Testimonials

TOBACCO CONTROL // Overkill Regulation

Colorado store owners to lawmakers: We’ve done everything you demanded. Enough is enough.

“We hope the legislature recognizes that prohibition and selling products out of the back of a van are the real failed policies.”

READ MORE: COUNTERPOINT | We’ve already cracked down on youth vaping


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