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Debunking Vaping Myths and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Debunking vaping myths. Straw man argument against disposables. Cause and effect of anti-vaping laws. California bill aims to end nicotine use. Calls to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Maryland Flavor Ban

SB 259 requires low risk, smoke-free alternatives–products used by millions of adults to quit/avoid smoking–to be flavored like tobacco, prohibiting even FDA-authorized flavors.

A hearing was held on Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 1 PM.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Maryland Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Hawai’i Vape Tax

HB 537 would subject vapor products to the state’s 70% tobacco tax.

Hawai’ians are encouraged to TAKE ACTION NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Hawai’i Vape Tax

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Hawai’i Flavor Ban

HB 551 will dangerously take away all non-tobacco flavors (including 0 mg vapes) from legal adults–many who use flavored low risk products to avoid relapsing to smoking!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Hawai’i Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Connecticut Flavor Ban

HB 6488 would force adults who have switched to pleasant-tasting, low risk alternatives to smoking to go back to products that taste like tobacco or menthol. This bill already had one hearing on February 1st, 2023.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Connecticut Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // New Mexico Flavor Ban

HB 94 had a hearing in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee. If you live in New Mexico, please click the link below and TAKE ACTION NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the New Mexico Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Oregon Flavor Ban

HB 3090 would ban the sale of nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than fake “tobacco.” This prohibition would include everything from smoke-free nicotine pouches to vapor products and menthol cigarettes.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Oregon Flavor Ban

HEADS UP! // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Misleading rhetoric, baseless health risk claims and outdated teen use data is being used to justify this moratorium–possibly laying the groundwork for a flavor or sales ban!

READ MORE: Milwaukee lawmakers look to ban new vape shops for a limited time

CASAA IN ACTION // Debunking Vaping Myths

Does vaping cause popcorn lung? Does e-liquid contain antifreeze? Will vaping make your lungs collapse? In this shareable video, CASAA takes on some of the most common myths, exaggerations and misinformation about nicotine vaping products!

TOBACCO CONTROL // An Anti-Vaping Straw Man

The so-called “loophole” for disposables refers to the FDA’s 2020 enforcement guidance, which exempted some disposable vaping products from priority enforcement. However, the popular flavored disposables actually being targeted by HR 901 began entering the market in 2019, so were in violation of FDA rules from the start. Meaning, they’re already “banned.”

The bill “has little chance of advancing. But groups like Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids will use the bill as a wedge to pressure the FDA to increase enforcement against disposables.”

(In truth, they’d probably prefer to just ban ALL vaping products.)

READ MORE: New Bill Pressures FDA to Crack Down on Disposable Vapes

TOBACCO CONTROL // Cause and Effect

“The DHS noted in a news release that the rise in illegal tobacco/vape product sales followed the federally mandated increase in the legal tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21 that took effect at the end of 2019.”

Is anyone surprised that removing popular products from the market led to incresed black market sales? We’re not.

READ MORE: Tobacco 21 is serious stuff – State pushes ID check for tobacco, vape sales

Tobacco Harm Reduction // THR Journalist Moving On

THR advocates are losing a fantastic journalist ally in Alex Norcia–his insightful and groundbreaking articles on the topic will be sorely missed–but THR advocacy has been lucky to gain him as a great friend. We wish him the best in his future endeavors!

READ MORE: Tobacco Harm Reduction Reflections, as My Years of Reporting End

TOBACCO CONTROL // Prohibition By Any Other Name

Lawmaker Damon Connolly (D-CA) has introduced a state bill that would prohibit anyone born after 2007 from ever buying non-pharmaceutical nicotine products–even those with very low health risks. Imagine if he’d proposed this for alcohol or marijuana…. 

READ MORE: AB 935 Tobacco Sales: Phased Tobacco ban


Police state the vape pen contained THC, which means it was not a nicotine e-cigarette. Yet, unsurprisingly to THR advocates, the school sent home a misleading letter to parents, warning only that the “devices contain nicotine and other substances.”

READ MORE: Police investigating after vape pen sends several students to the hospital

TESTIMONIAL // Anecdote # 13,502

JP made an informed decision to NOT start smoking again to cope with his stress and ADHD. Instead, he chose to manage his well-being with very low risk alternatives.

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