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Five States, Five Vaping Flavor Bans and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Vaping flavor ban bills pop up in Maryland, Connecticut, New Mexico, Oregon and Hawai’i. New York’s governor wants to ban more flavors–but not if they’re marijuana. Study finds lying about vaping deters vaping. Tobacco company asks FDA to go after disposables. News outlets again fail to critically look at vape studies and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Maryland Flavor Ban

SB 259 requires low risk, smoke-free alternatives–products used by millions of adults to quit/avoid smoking–to be flavored like tobacco, prohibiting even FDA-authorized flavors.

HEARING: Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 1 PM!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Maryland Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Hawai’i Vape Tax

HB 537 would subject vapor products to the state’s 70% tobacco tax.

Hawai’ians are encouraged to TAKE ACTION NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Hawai’i Vape Tax


CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Hawai’i Flavor Ban

HB 551 will dangerously take away all non-tobacco flavors (including 0 mg vapes) from legal adults–many who use flavored low risk products to avoid relapsing to smoking!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Hawai’i Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Connecticut Flavor Ban

HB 6488 would force adults who have switched to pleasant-tasting, low risk alternatives to smoking to go back to products that taste like tobacco or menthol. This bill already had one hearing on February 1st, 2023.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Connecticut Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // New Mexico Flavor Ban

HB 94 had a hearing in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee. If you live in New Mexico, please click the link below and TAKE ACTION NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the New Mexico Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Oregon Flavor Ban

HB 3090 would ban the sale of nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than fake “tobacco.” This prohibition would include everything from smoke-free nicotine pouches to vapor products and menthol cigarettes.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Oregon Flavor Ban

HEADS UP! // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Misleading rhetoric, baseless health risk claims and outdated teen use data is being used to justify this moratorium–possibly laying the groundwork for a flavor or sales ban!

READ MORE: Milwaukee lawmakers look to ban new vape shops for a limited time

TOBACCO CONTROL // Bait & Switch Tactic

HB 3090 sponsors pretend their flavor ban “will protect kids from the evil genius of hiding the tarry, noxious taste of ignited tobacco,” but their real target is undoubtedly low risk flavored vapor products, which contain no tobacco and are not ignited.

READ MORE: House Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban Flavored Tobacco Products

TOBACCO CONTROL // Intentionally Misleading

Misleading article intentionally uses 2019 data instead of current 2022 data to claim youth vaping rates “continue to rise.” Then falsely claims that the “notion by youth” that vaping is less harmful and safer than smoking “is far from the truth.” Most experts agree that vaping is far less harmful than smoking!

READ MORE: Op-Ed: The Work Never Stops in the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

TOBACCO CONTROL // False Narrative That All Vapes Are ‘E-cigarettes”

Jason Altmire, a former Congressman and currently an adjunct professor of health care management at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, wrote for The Hill:

“Like many other unregulated products manufactured in China or Mexico,
these flavored disposable e-cigarettes on occasion have been laced with
dangerous drugs such as fentanyl.” ~

Except vapor products containing substances such as THC or fentanyl are NOT called “e-cigarettes” by those who use them. Teens obviously don’t buy those types of vapes because of the flavors, so banning flavored disposable nicotine e-cigarettes would protect no one from “dangerous drugs.” It would just force more products onto the illicit market!

“I agree that we must help adult smokers transition away from cigarettes
to a less risky form of nicotine delivery, and ultimately from nicotine altogether.
However, by excluding disposable products from its definition of
“cartridge-based ENDS products,” the FDA’s flavor restrictions do not apply to
flavored disposable e-cigarette products, which children are using at an
alarming rate and unregulated foreign producers are manufacturing.”

Read that again. Just imagine the backlash had he instead said, “I agree we must help adults transition away from smoking to a less risky form of THC delivery, and ultimately from THC altogether.”

Who decided for adults that they can’t enjoy the benefits of safer nicotine?

Finally, he misleads readers when he states “disposable e-cigarette usage among high school youths has spiked 2,188% since 2019.”

Yes, disposable use AMONG TEENS WHO ALREADY VAPE rose significantly BUT he left out that vaping significantly DROPPED in that same time period!

READ MORE: Biden should close the disposable e-cigarette loophole

FDA // Tobacco Company Asks FDA to Target Disposable Vapes

The maker of Vuse e-cigarettes has filed a formal citizen petition asking the FDA to focus its vaping product enforcement policy on the disposable vapes that now dominate sales in the convenience store/gas station segment of the U.S. vaping market.

“The claim that the FDA’s enforcement policy encouraged Puff Bar and other disposables to proliferate was tobacco control mythology spread by lazy journalists—and is now being spread by the maker of the single most popular vaping device in the country.”

CASAA’s Jim McDonald, writing for Vaping360.

COMMENTARY // New York New Prohibition

New York’s move to legalize cannabis was a long-overdue recognition that prohibition not only doesn’t work but leads to bad consequences…So why would the state turn around and ban a separate group of popular products? ~Chris Churchill

Good question, Mr. Churchill.

READ MORE: Churchill: You’ll smoke what Kathy Hochul says you can smoke

RESEARCH // Study Finds Lying Deters Vaping

Study finds video implying nicotine vaping causes EVALI and a doctor claiming, “There’s absolutely no reason to say vaping is healthier than smoking. In my opinion, vaping is worse,” might deter vaping. Researchers did not mention if they followed up with the subjects to see if they decided to smoke cigarettes instead.

READ MORE: Hearing testimonies from e-cigarette users may deter students from vaping: study

RESEARCH // Bad Study Badly Reported

That tiny, poorly designed UPenn study is gaining traction in the news, and reporters fail miserably to look critically at the findings. The big red flag? A highly illogical finding that inflammation from smoking was no worse than never smoking/vaping!

READ MORE: E-cigarettes cause MORE lung inflammation than normal cigarettes, study finds — as experts warn vaping is causing ‘unique’ damage to users

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