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New CASAA Podcast, Calls To Action, Research & More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

New CASAA podcast, Calls to Action in Minnesota, Missouri and Washington. The negative consequences of vape taxes, vapor flavors and vaping public use bans. Lawmakers show their e-cigarette ignorance & more!

CASAA IN ACTION // Podcast Revived!

If you’re a fan of podcasts, take a listen to this post’s accompanying podcast hosted by Alex Clark and Logan Evans! CASAA will be releasing podcasts more regularly so stay tuned!

CALL TO ACTION // Washington

HB 1345, previously a flavor ban, is now a 2% nicotine cap and a whopping 45% retail tax. This will not only kill businesses but also harm consumers! Be proactive and contact your state lawmakers now!


TAKE ACTION: Washington – Fight a Vapor Tax!

DO MORE: If you live in Washington, join the CASAA Washington Facebook Group

CALL TO ACTION // Missouri

SB 124 imposes an additional 10% tax on vapor products, based on manufacturer’s invoice price before discounts or deals, and–without any evidence–treats vaping the same as smoking in public and privately-owned businesses.

casaa call to action indoor vaping ban

TAKE ACTION:  Missouri – Stop a Vape Tax and Public Vaping Ban!

DO MORE: If you live in Missouri, join the CASAA Missouri Facebook Group

CALL TO ACTION // Minnesota

Baseless and completely unscientific flavor ban bill has a hearing on Wed. Feb. 17th @ 10:30 AM. Take action NOW and urge the committee to reject HF 904.

casaa cta flavor ban

TAKE ACTION:  Minnesota – Stop a Flavor Ban (HF 904)!

DO MORE: If you live in Minnesota, join the CASAA Minnesota Facebook Group

RESEARCH // Public Vaping Bans

Review of data from the 2014‐2018 National Health Interview Survey finds adding vapor products to smoke-free laws does not reduce young adult vaping and counteracted by >50% the estimated impact smoke-free laws would have had on current smoking. Unfortunately, anti-vaping organizations and governments keep pushing for vaping to be added to smoke-free laws.

READ MORE: Adding Vaping Restrictions to Smoke‐Free Air Laws: Associations with Conventional and Electronic Cigarette Use

PUBLIC HEALTH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Lies

Stock experts reveal the truth that “Increasing the price of tobacco products is unlikely to make smokers reduce their consumption.” The same is true for taxing adult vapor and e-cigarette products to reduce use.

READ MORE: Motley Fool: Up with smoke

PUBLIC HEALTH // Flavor Bans

The vast majority of adults who smoke today didn’t start smoking with “flavors.” Cigarette flavors were banned in 2009, so they aren’t being sold as the article claims, nor does any big tobacco company sell “cotton candy,” “pop tart” or any other “kid-friendly” vapor or e-cigarette product. Government youth surveys show that “curiosity” is #1 reason youth try vaping, not flavors. Claiming “just 1 puff in the past 30 days” is the same as daily use is misleading and disingenuous. Youth are NOT being “hooked,” as surveys show very few are still vaping as young adults and smoking is at RECORD LOW for both youth and adults!

READ MORE: ‘Flavors Hook Kids’ campaign

PUBLIC HEALTH // Policy Consequences

Flavor ban bills (SB177 and HB134) “are unjust, unscientific and reactionary policies that would have negative public safety outcomes.”

~ Major Neill Franklin (Veteran of the Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police Department, Former executive director of LEAP).

READ MORE: In Response To “It’s Time To Remove Flavored Tobacco Products”

POLICY // Ignorance in Lawmaking

Michigan lawmakers show just how ignorant they are about the products they are attempting to regulate by banning use of an ingredient “in e-cigarettes” that is not used in nicotine vapor products, so highly unlikely to have caused EVALI.

READ MORE: Legislators work towards banning certain chemicals in e-cigarettes, vape pens