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Vaping Ban Consequences, Calls To Action, Research & More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Vaping ban consequences. Media misrepresents research. Calls to Action in Alaska and New Mexico. Heads Up! Vermont and Texas. Blatant lies about vaping from Hawaii Health Department and Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids. Excellent Drug Science video featuring Clive Bates & more!

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SB 45 would impose a 75% wholesale tax on vapor products (devices and liquids) and ban online sales to consumers!

This bill had a hearing on Friday, February 19th at 1:30 PM. Click link below to find out how to fight this!


casaa call to action online sales ban


TAKE ACTION: Alaska – Stop a Vapor Tax and Online Sales Ban (SB 45)!

DO MORE: If you live in Alaska, join the CASAA Alaska Facebook Group

CALL TO ACTION // New Mexico

HB 205, which would ban the possession, use and sale of flavored tobacco and nicotine products, including legal adults, is scheduled for a public hearing on Saturday, February 20th at 9:00 AM MST. Click the link to learn more!

casaa cta flavor ban


TAKE ACTION:  New Mexico – Stop a Dangerous Flavor Ban!

DO MORE: If you live in New Mexico, join the CASAA New Mexico Facebook Group

HEADS UP! // Vermont

Thanks to the influence of the American Lung Association, the state Legislature is working on a bill to ban “flavored” vapor products, likely leaving adults who have already quit smoking with only the artificial “tobacco” flavors.

READ MORE: Vermont bill would ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes

HEADS UP! // Texas

CASAA is monitoring a few bills & will update the link when actions such as committee hearings and votes are scheduled.

Make sure you are opted in to receive alerts from CASAA so you can take action when these bills start to move!

READ MORE: Texas – Bills We Are Watching (2021)

RESEARCH // Exposing Media Anti-Vaping Bias

Despite headlines focused on the 17% increased risk from “extreme” vaping, the truth is that just speaking to someone increased risk 44% to 176% and coughing by 259%. Stigmatizing vapers as increasing the risk of COVID-19 to bystanders is alarmist, misleading and disingenuous!

READ RESEARCH ARTICLE: Aerial transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus (and pathogens in general) through environmental e-cigarette aerosol

PUBLIC HEALTH // More Proof Bans Don’t Work

Cigarette sales ban led to more cigarettes smoked after ban was lifted than before ban and more than 85% kept smoking by buying far more expensive black market cigarettes.

Bans. Don’t. Work. (They often make things worse.)

Those proposing vape bans in the U.S. should take heed.

READ MORE: Government’s spectacular cigarette ban fail: billions of rands lost – and hardly anyone quit smoking

PUBLIC HEALTH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Lies

Hawaii Health Department administrator falsely claims vapor products contain “alcohol” and “vegetable oils,” but the article doesn’t say if most of the teens are vaping nicotine or THC. Note that Hawaii’s Tobacco 21 law took effect in 2016, then passed nationwide with promise it would reduce youth use.

Unsurprisingly, The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids then wasted no time spreading what they absolutely know is a lie.

READ MORE: Youth vaping rates keep rising in Hawaii

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE // West Hollywood, California

Despite the fact most teens state “curiosity” and not “flavors” inspired them to try vaping (and the vast majority who try vaping don’t become “hooked”) and  the fact that the majority of adults who currently smoke or vape did not start smoking with “flavors” and  it leaves adults who already quit smoking (or are still trying to quit smoking) with only artificial “tobacco” flavors as an option, city leaders decide to ban the sale of non-tobacco flavors in vapor products.

READ MORE: West Hollywood bans flavored tobacco and vaping products

OPINION // Flavor Bans won’t fight tobacco or improve health.

“Public health interventions should be determined by evidence. Not by discredited prohibitionist ideology.”
– Satya Marar

READ MORE: Opinion: Flavor bans won’t fight tobacco or improve health


Clive Bates, Director of Counterfactual Consulting and a previous Director of Action on Smoking and Health UK, shares his expert insights on vaping, nicotine, snus and tobacco harm reduction with Drug Science, the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK.