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Oregon Judge Slaps Down Vaping Flavor Ban and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Oregon judge slaps down county vaping and tobacco flavor ban. Three new studies substantiate vaping advocates’ warnings against knee-jerk laws. Sen. Dick Durbin continues misinformation war against vaping. CASAA Live is back from summer hiatus. Juul sues FDA. Calls to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION //  National – Menthol Ban

Starting on May 4, 2022, the FDA is accepting comments on two proposed rules banning the use of flavors other than tobacco in combustible tobacco products.

Whether you’re supporting the rule or opposed, one thing we can all agree on is that people who smoke need safer alternatives to cigarettes — mentholated or not!

While the FDA is moving ahead with banning more tobacco products, it is failing to authorize a meaningful variety of e-liquids and devices that are responsible for recent accelerated declines in smoking.

In addition to sharing your views on banning menthol cigarettes and other flavored combustible products, take this opportunity to urge FDA to ensure that people have access to safer forms of nicotine delivery that are enjoyable and affordable–like vaping, nicotine pouches, and smokeless tobacco products.

TAKE ACTION: FDA Menthol Ban – Submit Your Comments


Multnomah County Board of Commissioners is asking for public input on a potential ban on sales of flavored tobacco and nicotine products! County Board directs the Health Dept to return with recommendations in September.

TAKE ACTION: Flavor Ban Comments Needed!


City may be moving forward with a ban on the sale of the flavored vapor products helping adults quit smoking. Share your experiences and urge the council members to oppose any plan to ban low-risk alternatives to smoking!


CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Washington County, Oregon Flavor Ban

A judge in Washington County, Oregon ruled AGAINST the county’s ban on flavored tobacco (the main target really being low risk vapor products that help millions of adults quit smoking,) saying that such bans are a decision of the state, not the counties.

READ MORE: Judge tosses out Washington County ban on flavored tobacco

RESEARCH // Twitter “Misinformation” Study

A recent study complains that vape advocates are winning the Twitter war by spreading truthful information that anti-vaping public health academics really don’t want people to know. A terrific new blog post by @cjsnowdon exposes the ridiculousness of it.

READ MORE: ‘Problematic information’ about nicotine and COVID-19

RESEARCH // E-cig Taxes Bad For Public Health

Another study adding to the growing stack of evidence showing that treating low risk nicotine vapor products the same as cigarettes has unintended consequences that are harmful to public health.

READ MORE: UW Oshkosh researcher shows unintended consequences of e-cigarette taxes

RESEARCH // Dangerous Misconceptions

In this newly published study, researchers looked into the public’s misconceptions about vaping and concluded:

“Addressing the growing misperception about ENDS has the potential to contribute to public health by encouraging smokers’ switching to ENDS.”

READ MORE: US adult smokers’ perceived relative risk on ENDS and its effects on their transitions between cigarettes and ENDS

RESEARCH // Flavor Bans Don’t Reduce Teen Vaping

Despite repeating false anti-vaping claims (eg. promotes dual use, gateway to smoking, using outdated youth use data as justification, etc.,) researchers findings in this study still suggest flavor bans “may fail to significantly reduce e-cigarette use.”

READ MORE: E-cigarette addiction and harm perception: Does initiation flavor choice matter?

COMMENTARY // Prohibition is a Bad Way to Deal with Flavored Tobacco

“Californians should focus on inevitable substitution amongst nicotine sources. Banning flavored vaping liquids will cause some people to revert to the riskier alternative of cigarette smoking. Public health rules should reflect the relative risks…”

READ MORE: Prohibition is a bad way to deal with flavored tobacco

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Healthy Goals Met with Vaping?

Today we’re looking at the Healthy People goals to reduce smoking.

From 1998-2008, adult smoking dropped just 3.5 percentage points to 20.6%. From 2008-2020, smoking dropped a whopping 8.1 points to 12.5% – just shy of the 12% goal.

The high school smoking target was 16%. From 1999-2009, smoking dropped 14.5 points. But between 2009-2013, the decline slowed, dropping only 4.5 points.

Then in 2014, it had dropped a staggering 3.5 points in just one year! By 2021, it was down by another 7.3 points to 1.9%.

Did tired, old tobacco control methods suddenly start working better after 2013? Did they stumble upon a new tactic to keep people from smoking?

Or did people who would have otherwise started smoking instead turn to less harmful nicotine products?

We think we know the answer.


TOBACCO CONTROL // Calling Out Anti-Vaping Lies

In a recent Senate speech, Senator Dick Durbin called nicotine vapor products “deadly” and said companies “…can’t demonstrate a benefit to public health. Vaping, as we know, is dangerous and addictive.”

What would you say to him if you had the opportunity?

READ MORE: U.S. Senate: Sen. Durbin on Regulation of E-cigarettes

LEGAL BEAT // Juul Fights Back

Juul has filed a lawsuit against the FDA, accusing the agency of violating the federal Freedom of Information Act by withholding a majority of the “scientific disciplinary reviews” underlying the sales ban.

READ MORE: Juul sues FDA for documents said to justify e-cigarette ban

CASAA MEDIA // CASAA Live Special Guest

Join CASAA Live Saturday, September 24th at 4 PM ET for our conversation with Christopher Snowdon, author of the “Velvet Glove, Iron Fist” book and blog, about his recent Twitter study post, his books on prohibition and the war on tobacco, and his take on the war on vaping!

READ MORE: ‘Problematic information’ about nicotine and COVID-19

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