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Pod-style Vaping Device Finally Authorized and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

FDA finally authorizes a vaping pod device and announces a menthol cigarette and flavored cigar ban. San Diego bans flavored vapor products. Hong Kong vapers rush to stock up before ban. Flavor ban referendum “switcheroo.” Calls to Action and more!

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An amended version of SB 45 has moved to the House and is awaiting the next committee assignment.

Here are the changes:

  • 75% wholesale tax changed to 45% on all liquids and devices.
  • Flavor ban is removed

While removing the flavor ban is a positive development, SB 45 still imposes an unnecessary and excessive tax on vapor products. The Alaska State Legislature is scheduled to conclude the 2022 session on May 18. Please take a moment to contact your officials and urge them to opppose this bill.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Alaska – Stop a Vapor Tax

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Washington County, Oregon

The Washington County, OR Board of Commissioners has passed and ordinance that prohibits sales of flavored nicotine products (synthetic or tobacco derived) in any retail environment. What started as a proposal to limit sales of flavored products to adult-only establishments is now a full-blown flavor ban and a prohibition on discounts and coupons.

A referendum to overturn the flavor ban in Washington County has been approved for the ballot in the May 17, 2022 election!

TAKE ACTION: Washington County, Oregon – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Colorado

A public hearing was held on March 16. After lengthy debate and fierce testimony from opponents, the bill was amended to include, among other things, an exemption for sales of flavored vapor products in adult-only establishments. However, following more testimony and debate in the House Finance Committee, HB 1064 has been amended again to remove the exemption for adult-only stores.

The next hearing expected for this bill will be in the House Appropriations Committee.

TAKE ACTION: Colorado – Fight a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Connecticut

SB 367 would restrict sales of vapor products in flavors other than tobacco to adult-only establishments.

This bill received a hearing on Friday, April 22, 2022 in the Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding. The committee approved an amendment to the bill that allows for sales of flavored vapor products, but restricts these sales to adult-only establishments.

While better than a total flavor ban, limiting sales of low risk, smoke-free products helping adults quit smoking to adult-only establishments–instead of selling them next to the deadly cigarettes they’re intended to replace–is bad for public health.

Your steady contact with lawmakers can make a difference prior to floor votes.

TAKE ACTION: Connecticut – Stop a Flavor Ban!

FDA // Pod Device Authorized

The FDA has finally authorized a modern pod-based vaping product (only tobacco flavor.) An important decision because, until now, the FDA has only authorized older, less-effective (and less-popular) devices. CASAA’s Jim McDonald reports for Vaping 360.

READ MORE: FDA Authorizes NJOY Ace, a High-Strength Pod Vape

FDA // Menthol Cigarette & Flavored Cigar Ban

Banning and criminalizing drugs (ie. the War on Drugs) has disproportionately impacted black communities–with devastating consequences. The menthol ban is yet another drug ban targeting those same communities. CASAA will be issuing a Call to Action May 4th!

READ MORE: FDA Will Ban Menthol Cigarettes, Remains Silent on Menthol Vapes

LEGISLATION // Referendum ‘Switcheroo’ in Oregon

In a referendum over a proposed vape ban, voters would expect to be voting “No” to oppose the ban and “Yes” to support it. But Washington County, Oregon politicians pulled a shady “switcheroo” where voters have to vote “yes” to oppose and “no” to support!

READ MORE: Voter Statement Appears on Wrong Side as Elections Switches Referendum Sides

LEGISLATION // San Diego Flavor Ban

On Monday, the San Diego City Council banned SOME flavored tobacco products (including menthol cigarettes) but exempted shisha, premium cigars and loose-leaf tobacco. So, they mainly banned all of the far less hazardous SMOKE-FREE tobacco and vaping products. Unbelievable.

READ MORE: SD City Council Bans Sale of Flavored Tobacco — Effective Jan. 1, 2023

RESEARCH // Smoking Declines: Information or Tobacco Control?

Dr. Carl Philips and Dr. Marewa Glover have published a paper reviewing what impact–if any–Tobacco Control efforts have had on smoking rates since the Surgeon General’s report in 1965. We recommend reading Dr. Phillips’ breakdown in his Twitter thread:

READ MORE: How Much Ongoing Smoking Reduction is an Echo of the Initial Mass Education?

AROUND THE WORLD // Hong Kong Ban Panic

Vapers and IQOS users in rushed to stock up before the ban on the products took effect Saturday. The Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health continued its misinformation campaign as 90% of surveyed consumers say they’ll just go back to smoking cigarettes.

READ MORE: Smokers rush to stock up before e-cig ban starting Saturday

CASAA IN ACTION // Twitter Spaces

Join us this week as we discuss the end of youth smoking with Dr. Marewa Glover.



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