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Public Health behaving badly, Vaping junk science and more! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action for Minnesota and Missouri. Public Health behaving badly. Vaping junk science, CASAA in Action, commentary on nicotine limits and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Missouri Update

Committee on Downsizing State Government voted 9-4 “Do Pass” w/ amendment preempting existing smoking and #vaping bans. See CASAA link below for next steps you can take to support HB 517!

READ MORE: Missouri – Stop the Local Assault on Safer Nicotine Products

DO MORE: If you live in Missouri, join the CASAA Missouri Facebook Group

CALL TO ACTION // Minnesota Update

Vapor Taxes are being included in the state omnibus budget bill. The proposal is to expand the existing 95% e-liquid tax with a 95% wholesale tax on devices! Taxes Committee meetings were held on April 22nd and April 23rd!

READ MORE: Minnesota – Keep Vapor Taxes Out of the Budget!

DO MORE: If you live in Minnesota, join the CASAA Minnesota Facebook Group

HEADS UP // Indiana Update

The budget bill passed April 22nd including a 25% tax on closed systems and 15% on open systems, without hearing any public input! Outrageously, the Chamber of Commerce not only supported the tax, but had pushed for the higher taxes that passed!

READ MORE: Indiana Passes a Vaping Tax Without Public Input

DO MORE: If you live in Indiana, join the CASAA Indiana Facebook Group

UPDATE // Loveland, Colorado

Flavor ban fails to pass, with councilor Kathi Wright saying, “… what rose to the top for me was individual liberty and responsibility. I don’t think we have the right to take this away from law-abiding adults.”

READ MORE: Loveland Council nixes flavor ban from anti-youth vaping law

RESEARCH // Vaping Junk Science

West Virginia University researchers blame “volatile organic compounds” in nicotine e-cigarettes for EVALI, despite the fact that the majority of their patients tested positive for THC and other illicit drugs. Apparently, they didn’t bother to check with the CDC, as there is zero mention of vitamin E acetate!

READ MORE: E-cigarette users in rural Appalachia develop more severe lung injuries


Watch Christopher Balkaran interview CASAA CEO Alex Clark about harm reduction and public policy on the Strong and Free podcast!

COMMENTARY // Eric BOEHM, Reason Magazine

The FDA’s War on Nicotine Will Encourage Americans To Smoke More Cigarettes – America’s public health officials continue to undermine public health.

“In 2004, the tiny nation of Bhutan banned the sale and consumption of tobacco products. The ban triggered the creation of a robust black market for cigarettes, and by 2017 Bhutan had the highest smoking rate of any country in Asia….” 

But the idea of limiting the amount of nicotine in cigarettes actually originated, the Journal notes, during the tenure of Scott Gottlieb, the first FDA commissioner of the Trump administration. It seems that changing the occupant of the White House won’t stop the FDA from pursuing counterproductive, nanny state policies. Maybe we should just abolish the FDA instead.”

                                 ~ Eric Boehm

READ MORE: The FDA’s War on Nicotine…

PUBLIC HEALTH // Bad for Public Health

On its face, lowering nicotine levels to non-addictive levels/banning menthol may seem well-meaning, but not only is it unproven, it’s discriminatory. It will also undoubtedly lead to a push to do the same with low risk nicotine products!

READ MORE: Feds May Reduce Nicotine Allowed in Cigarettes

PUBLIC HEALTH: Exposing Anti-Vaping Bias

This is confirmation bias in action. Headline reads “Smoking is a choice,” but article states “Nicotine is a highly addictive” and “Adolescents…have a higher risk of addiction to nicotine.” How is it “a choice” when they know most people start as adolescents?

READ MORE: Annette Haining wants to help you quit – smoking that is. “Smoking is a choice. Breathing is not.”

PUBLIC HEALTH: Public Health Circus

While some lawmakers are demanding FDA lower nicotine levels in cigarettes to push people to use lower risk products (or quit), other lawmakers are trying to make those lower risk products for adults expensive, boring and unpalatable.

READ MORE: Durbin, Wyden, Krishnamoorthi, Colleagues Introduce Bicameral Bill To Reduce Tobacco Use In America

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