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Vaping Calls to Action, Lies & Consequences, Research & More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action for Montgomery County and Minnesota. Heads Up Oregon and Indianapolis! Vaping research supporting harm reduction. Join your CASAA state group. Anti-vaping lies and consequences. Interview with Dr. Brad Rodu and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Montgomery County, Maryland

The County is moving forward with a proposal to double its excise tax on vapor products. If enacted, the new tax doubles the current tax of 30% to 60%. The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 27th. ACT NOW!

READ MORE: Montgomery County – Fight a Vape Tax Hike!

DO MORE: If you live in Maryland, join the CASAA Maryland Facebook Group

CALL TO ACTION // Minnesota

Vape taxes are in the state’s omnibus budget bill, expanding the existing nicotine e-liquid tax by imposing a 95% wholesale tax on DEVICES! Click the link NOW to learn more and TAKE ACTION!

READ MORE: Minnesota – Keep Vapor Taxes Out of the Budget!

DO MORE: If you live in Minnesota, join the CASAA Minnesota Facebook Group

HEADS UP! // Oregon

Lawmakers continue eroding ADULT access to safer nicotine products by banning online sales & delivery. Meanwhile, youth are placing orders on Tik-Tok and combustible cigarettes remain the most widely sold tobacco product IN THE WORLD.

READ MORE: Oregon House passes bill to ban online vape sales, close underage purchase loophole

DO MORE: If you live in Oregon, join the CASAA Oregon Facebook Group

HEADS UP! // Indianapolis, Indiana

City officials are misleading the public about the relative safety of vaping by including it in an already unscientific OUTDOOR smoking ban. This is purely about misinformation and stigmatization, not public health!

READ MORE: Indianapolis could ban smoking in parks if proposal passes

DO MORE: If you live in Indianapolis or Indiana, join the CASAA Indiana Facebook Group

RESEARCH // E-cigarettes with cigarette-like nicotine delivery reduce exposure to carcinogen

Penn State researchers find vapor products that “deliver a cigarette-like amount of nicotine are associated with reduced smoking and reduced exposure to a major cancer-causing chemical,” even for “dual users.” A good argument for innovation!

READ MORE: E-cigarettes with cigarette-like nicotine delivery reduce exposure to carcinogen

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Plymouth Vaping Experiment

Brilliant blog post by Dan Preece & Gary Wallace on their successful harm reduction experiment w/ #vaping & meeting people who smoke/vape on their own terms. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

We saw in the original 20 people, how this small experiment…led to some engaging with other health services – dentistry and mental health support for example, we even saw some of the cohort encouraging hostel staff to switch to vaping.”


“People who smoke tobacco are telling us vapes work. And people that smoke who are in so called ‘entrenched’ groups whom public health have traditionally failed to reach are telling us this loudly. We need to listen to them…”

                                 ~ Dan Preece & Gary Wallace

READ MORE: Plymouth Vaping Experiment


PUBLIC HEALTH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Lies

Colorado medical director & professor of pediatrics-pulmonary medicine, Dr. Robin Deterding, uses nearly EVERY vaping lie (“kids vape for flavors, flavors meant to lure kids, nicotine damages youth brains, a gateway to smoking,” etc.) to push the Denver flavor ban.

READ MORE: Opinion: Flavored products are driving the teen vaping epidemic — remove them from Denver stores

PUBLIC HEALTH: Medical Malpractice

Do no harm? Canadian Pediatric Society tells doctors NOT to suggest vaping to teens ALREADY SMOKING as a way to quit. Instead, they should “make a plan” and hope they won’t KEEP SMOKING until something works?

READ MORE: Vaping should not be used to help youth quit smoking, Canadian Paediatric Society warns

PUBLIC HEALTH // Unintended Consequences

It seems the war on vapor products may have created such a lucrative black market for JUUL pods that they’re now worth beating people up to steal them? We hope the uninsured clerk gets enough from GoFundMe for a speedy recovery!

READ MORE: Would-be robbers beat Yorktown store clerk with baseball bat, demand JUUL pods

PUBLIC HEALTH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Lies

Misleading article identifies vitamin E acetate in THC vapes as cause of EVALI, but brushes over the fact that it was found in black market THC vapes, not “e-cigarettes.” Then it claims that flavor bans helped halt outbreak without saying exactly how and calls for stricter regulation of nicotine vapes, which didn’t cause the outbreak!

READ MORE: SciMoms – What is EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping Associated Lung Injury)?

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