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Truth Initiative Exposed and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Exposing the truth about Truth Initiative. Anti-harm reduction propaganda is working. Researchers confirm vaping has lower risks to heart than smoking. CASAA statement on menthol bans and more!

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CALL TO ACTION //  National – Menthol Ban

Starting on May 4, 2022, the FDA is accepting comments on two proposed rules banning the use of flavors other than tobacco in combustible tobacco products.

Whether you’re supporting the rule or opposed, one thing we can all agree on is that people who smoke need safer alternatives to cigarettes — mentholated or not!

While the FDA is moving ahead with banning more tobacco products, it is failing to authorize a meaningful variety of e-liquids and devices that are responsible for recent accelerated declines in smoking.

In addition to sharing your views on banning menthol cigarettes and other flavored combustible products, take this opportunity to urge FDA to ensure that people have access to safer forms of nicotine delivery that are enjoyable and affordable–like vaping, nicotine pouches, and smokeless tobacco products.

TAKE ACTION: FDA Menthol Ban – Submit Your Comments

TOBACCO CONTROL // Exposing the Truth

Excellent, must-read exposé by journalist Marc Gunther of the anti-vaping tactics of the Truth Initiative.

“This has become a pattern at Truth Initiative: Draw questionable conclusions from scientific research to attack vaping, and ignore evidence to the contrary.”

READ MORE: The Half-Truth Initiative: How an Anti-Smoking Group Lost Its Way

Listen to our recent Twitter Space interview with Marc Gunther about his article!

TOBACCO CONTROL // Truth Initiative Hits Keep Coming

Anti-harm reduction organization Truth Initiative discusses a recent study of vapers on Reddit–where 93% of users are 18-49 years old–that found vapers are desperate for access to the flavors that have helped millions of adults keep from smoking.

Their response? Close all “loopholes” to make sure they can’t get them.

Truth justifies this cruelty by bringing up the unrelated EVALI outbreak, continuing with the outdated “epidemic” rhetoric and the disproven claim that teens vape because of the flavors.

READ MORE: E-cigarette users look to social media to circumvent flavored e-cigarette restrictions

TOBACCO CONTROL // Anti-Vaping Propaganda is Working

Gallup poll finds Americans are successfully brainwashed by anti-harm reduction propaganda–finding people want stricter vape regulations–but gives no details on WHAT the regulations are that people want. On the plus side, 8% of adults vape, but only 2% report dual use–contradicting the claim that “most” adult vapers still smoke.

READ MORE: Americans Want Stricter Vaping Regulations, Mixed on Tobacco

TOBACCO CONTROL // Dual Confusion

After warning in May that dual use has no health benefits and expressing concern that those trying to quit would continue to dual use instead of quitting, the American Heart Association is now worried that daily vaping is rising. For adults, moving to daily vaping is a possible indicator for having completely quit smoking. So why didn’t AHA bother to investigate or report on how the increase in daily vaping related to dual use/smoking?

READ MORE: Daily e-cigarette use rising despite slight decline in current use among youngest adults

TOBACCO CONTROL // Anti-Harm Reduction

Anti-harm reduction group Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids continues its irrational attack on safer nicotine this week, still delusional in its assertion that banning flavored vapor products will stop youth from vaping–just like banning cannabis stopped people from smoking weed.

LEGISLATION // Bangor, Maine Update

City leaders in Bangor, Maine have again banned flavored vapor and tobacco products. Adults who smoke (or quit with low risk alternatives) will now have to travel to other towns for the low risk alternatives to cigarettes–which can still be easily purchased in Bangor.

READ MORE: Bangor once again bans the sale of flavored tobacco

AROUND THE WORLD //New Zealand’s ‘End Game’ is Prohibition

New Zealand–a country recently more open to tobacco harm reduction than most–is now fully embracing prohibition. Lawmakers have introduced a bill mandating very low nicotine smoked tobacco, reducing tobacco outlets by up to 95% and prohibiting people born after 2008 from ever buying tobacco. If nothing else, this should boost the country’s already thriving black market.

READ MORE: New Zealand’s ‘tobacco endgame’ law will be a world first for health – here’s what the modelling shows us

REGULATION // Menthol Ban is a Bad Idea

While a menthol cigarette ban may seem reasonable on the surface to some, it’s far more complicated than you may think. CASAA just submitted our formal comment to the FDA and you can read it, along with our position statement, below.

READ MORE: CASAA: Think Bigger Than a Menthol Ban

REGULATION // Bans Still Don’t Work

Massachusetts has arraigned four men for “illegally trafficked marijuana and THC-infused products, including some that contained traces of fentanyl, and distributed untaxed, black-market tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) products—the majority of which were counterfeit and flavored, in violation of the state’s ban on flavored tobacco and ENDS products…”

It’s complete insanity that the very low risk vapes helping millions of adults quit smoking are only on that “illegal” list because of FLAVORS.


READ MORE: Four Defendants Charged in Connection With Major Black-Market Marijuana and Tobacco Trafficking Operation

RESEARCH // Nicotine Vapes Reduce Heart Risks Compared to Cigarettes

Findings from a new study conducted by an international group of researchers at 6 independent laboratories “are a strong rebuke to repeated claims by medical societies that using e-cigarettes or heated tobacco products are just as dangerous as smoking.”

READ MORE: Replication Study Confirms Vapes Reduce Heart Risks Compared to Cigarettes

RESEARCH // Another Gateway Junk Study

With this study article being shared by anti-harm reduction groups, it’s important to highlight what the study also says: overall association at the population level is likely QUITE SMALL. Also, smoking has long been known as a precursor to cannabis use, so it may be good news that low risk vaping may just be replacing high risk smoking in this case.

READ MORE: Study: Kids who vape tobacco are more likely to go on to use cannabis

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CASAA IN ACTION // Twitter Spaces

We were thrilled to have Marc Gunther on this week’s Twitter Space to discuss his recent exposé on the Truth Initiative for Filter Magazine. You won’t want to miss this episode – now available on CASAA’s YouTube channel, too!


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*This Twitter Space was originally recorded on April 27, 2022.

CASAA Live is proud to present this replay of our conversation with Dr. Marewa Glover, director of the Centre of Research Excellence in New Zealand. She is a behavioral scientist with over 30 years of experience in public health and over 100 scientific papers. Dr. Glover is well known for her compassionate insight, advocacy on tobacco harm reduction for people who smoke and–despite the great risk to her career and reputation–calling out Tobacco Control for its harmful policies and priorities.

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