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US Army’s Vaping Warning and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

US Army confuses service members about vaping. Slash loved snus. Youth vaping instigates strip searches. Heads up Colorado. Commentary about Bloomberg’s war on vaping and more!

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LD 1693, a bill aspiring to advance health equity, also contains a ban on sales of any flavored tobacco and vapor products–many of which are helping adults quit smoking!

TAKE ACTION: Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Brunswick, Maine

The City of Brunswick is moving forward with an ordinance to ban the sale of flavored vapor products. This is on the heels of Portland and Bangor adopting their own flavor bans under pressure from anti-smoking activists who are not only ignoring the benefits of switching to smoke-free products, but racing to build support for state legislation that will take safer nicotine products away from all Maine cities and towns.

This ordinance is scheduled for a PUBLIC HEARING on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 6:30 PM (In person or via ZOOM)!

READ MORE: Fight a Flavor Ban!

HEADS UP // Colorado

Adult vapers should start preparing their testimonials for Rep. Kyle Mullica, Rep. Jennifer Bacon, Sen. Rhonda Fields & Sen. Kevin Priola, to inform them how very wrong they are about flavored vapor products! #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

READ MORE: Fight Over Flavored-Tobacco Ban Moves to Colorado Legislature

HEADS UP // Iowa

HF 98 redefines nicotine vapor products as “tobacco,” most likely in order to levy a higher tax on the products. Harm reduction products that are helping adults quit smoking should be made more affordable, not more expensive!

READ MORE: Iowa House Bill 98


Although he switched to nicotine gum in 2015 and still needs to use it, Slash says, ““I used to (use snus). I did it for years and years and years, and I finally quit a few years ago, but when I first quit smoking, which was in 2009, pretty soon after that I discovered snus, and it was like the best discovery in the world. My God, it’s the greatest! So I did it from probably 2009 until 2015 or something like that.”

READ MORE: Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Lauds Snus

LEARN MORE: Facts About Snus & Oral Tobacco

PUBLIC HEALTH // US Army Misinformation

The US Army issued a warning to service members about vaping-related lung injuries, but left out any info about tainted, illicit THC vapes. It’s a shockingly irresponsible omission that puts people at great risk, if they’re misled to believe e-cigarettes are what cause EVALI.

READ MORE: Public Health Officials warn about unregulated e-cigarette risks

COMMENTARY // Nicotine Policy Debate

The evidence is so clear on noncombustible nicotine products like e-cigarettes and snus; it is indisputable at this point.”

“Either they are willfully ignorant of the evidence that exists, or they are just lying.”

~ Michelle Minton

READ MORE: Remember When We Thought Cellphones Were Going to Cause Brain Cancer?

COMMENTARY // Anti-Vaping Philanthropists

Despite many studies showing THR products are much lower risk than smoking and more effective than NRT,

Bloomberg’s global anti-vaping campaign continues to ignore the overwhelming evidence and repeatedly employs tactics to create doubt amongst lawmakers on every continent.”

~ Martin Cullip

READ MORE: Philanthropists Who Do More Harm Than Good Need To Be Held Accountable

COMMENTARY // Unintended Consequences

While his concern is mainly with funding from taxes, he makes some good points.

As the flavor ban is debated, I hope our legislators have real, concrete answers to the questions raised. Are the unintended consequences of a flavor ban worth it? With teen tobacco use at historically-low rates, are the efforts to lower it further worth the price to Colorado preschoolers and minority business owners? These are the questions legislators need to ask. Parents, educators and the minority business community will be watching.”

~ Gil Cisneros

READ MORE: Flavored-tobacco ban will have ripple effects

COMMENTARY // Nonsensical Claims

When anti-vaping folks start talking about detecting teeny-tiny amounts of particulates, carcinogens and toxins in vapor to ban outdoor use.

TOBACCO CONTROL // Youth Programs

Article claims that “industry-sponsored school programs do not discourage teenagers from smoking” but fails to explain how those programs are any different than the anti-smoking/anti-vaping programs sponsored by Bloomberg and Truth Initiative.

READ MORE: The Tobacco Giant That Won’t Stop Funding Anti-Smoking Programs for Kids

TOBACCO CONTROL // Perpetuating Misinformation

Dr. Drew Harrell repeats misinformation about vaping, including the debunked “gateway” claim, “brain damage” and flavors targeting and hooking kids to push levying high taxes in New Mexico on the much safer alternatives helping adults quit smoking.

READ MORE: Let’s protect our youth by increasing tobacco taxes

RESEARCH // Dismissing Harm Reduction

VA doctors/researchers outrageously tell vets–despite all evidence to the contrary–that research shows they’re essentially better off smoking than vaping! They make vague claims of “dangers,” suggest instead to use methods that fail to help the vast majority of people who smoke.

READ MORE: Research roundup: E-cigs aren’t safe

IN THE NEWS // Anti-Vaping Hysteria

DA not issuing charges in Jan. 18th Suring student strip search for vapor products investigation.

Parents say boys and girls were divided up, placed in different rooms, and searched by same sex administrators, removing everything except their underwear.

READ MORE: DA not issuing charges in Suring student search investigation

IN THE NEWS // FTS vs Altria and JUUL


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