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Vaping Advocate Wins and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Vaping advocates have a couple of wins this week. Dr. Michael Madden and journalist Jacob Sullum commentaries on vaping policy. New Zealand’s “not prohibition” prohibition and more!

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CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // National Nicotine Tax

News outlets are reporting that the outrageous nicotine tax has been removed from the Build Back Better package, but we’ve seen this zombie tax reanimated before. Doesn’t hurt to keep the pressure on so it stays dead this time!


TAKE ACTION: Stop an Excessive Federal Tax on Safer Nicotine Products

casaa cta flavor ban
CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Portland, Maine Flavor Ban

A 3-0 vote by the committee has moved the proposal to consideration by the full council. The council likely will vote on it late next month or early next year. If it passes, it probably would go into effect in June. See link for more info and TAKE ACTION!

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Tempe, Arizona Flavor Ban

Tempe City Council is moving forward with a ban on flavored tobacco/nicotine products (including synthetic). Staff are being directed to research the proposal further, so it will likely come back up in early 2022. Stay alert!

TAKE ACTION: Tempe, AZ – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Denver, Colorado Flavor Ban

Mayor Hancock issued a VETO today on the flavored tobacco ban approved by the city council, expressing concern about youth just buying in nearby towns and the impact on small businesses. An override vote could happen as soon as Monday!

READ MORE: Mayor Hancock vetoes flavored tobacco ban slated to start in 2023

TAKE ACTION: Denver, CO Stop a Flavor Ban!

HEADS UP! // Pleasanton, California Property Ban

Without any evidence demonstrating real risks to bystanders outdoors, city lawmakers want to ban vaping/smoking on multi-unit residential properties. This has nothing to do with science-based public health–it’s just bullying.

READ MORE: City of Pleasanton considers restricting smoking in certain types of homes

RESEARCH // eCigIntelligence Consumer Survey

This study needs 1,000 more participants! CASAA works cooperatively with eCigIntelligence to develop consumer survey questions that aid us in our advocacy efforts and help take the pulse of the vaping community. Please take the survey if you haven’t already!

TAKE SURVEY: USA Vape Consumer Survey 2021

COMMENTARY // Youth Vaping Facts

It is possible to educate adult smokers about the real health benefits of vaping and also to keep e-cigarettes and other tobacco products out of the hands of children.

But we can’t do both if we’re not straight with the American public about the facts, and the CDC’s recent report misleads the public in several important ways. Coverage leads you to believe that 27.6% of high school vapers use e-cigarettes daily. But be careful. The report actually shows that of those who reported vaping sometime in the last 30 days, 27.6% reported daily vaping. The truth is, 3% of high school students vape daily.

The report also fails to acknowledge that teen vaping has declined sharply from its high point in 2019 — by 60% or more, in fact.”

READ MORE: Dr. Michael Madden: Clearing the air about youth vaping

IN THE NEWS // New Jersey

After banning the low risk, flavored vapor products that were actually helping people reduce and quit smoking, New Jersey lawmakers want to force convenience stores to bear the cost of carrying largely ineffective pharmaceutical nicotine replacement products, even if they won’t sell.

READ MORE: Legislators: Convenience stores should sell at least 1 product that helps people stop smoking

PUBLIC HEALTH // Anti-Vaping Policy

Journalist Jacob Sullum writes that policy makers are “acting as if saving the lives of smokers via harm-reducing alternatives counts for nothing.”

“Although the FDA acknowledges the harm-reducing potential of ENDS, in practice it is giving that benefit short shrift. Other policy makers, meanwhile, are proceeding as if the lives of smokers count for nothing.”

READ MORE: Vaping Regulation Threatens a Lifesaving Smoking Alternative


Supporters claim youth cigarette sales ban is “not prohibition,” because it allows adults who currently smoke to still buy cigarettes. However, they will only be allowed to buy very low nicotine cigarettes that were designed to force them to quit. Apparently, they also believe that the already 2nd largest (and growing) cigarette black market in the Asia Pacific area will just disappear.

READ MORE: Tobacco smugglers get more innovative for NZ’s profitable black market

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