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Vaping Around the World and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Ethan Nadelmann talks vaping with CASAA’s Matt Culley. Vaping news in Philippines. Denver veto on flavor ban stands! Federal lawmakers go after synthetic nicotine. School vape detectors. Anti-nicotine endgame tactics and more!

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casaa cta flavor ban
CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Portland, Maine Flavor Ban

A 3-0 vote by the committee has moved the proposal to consideration by the full council. The council likely will vote on it late next month or early next year. If it passes, it probably would go into effect in June. See link for more info and TAKE ACTION!

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Tempe, Arizona Flavor Ban

Tempe City Council is moving forward with a ban on flavored tobacco/nicotine products (including synthetic). Staff are being directed to research the proposal further, so it will likely come back up in early 2022. Stay alert!

TAKE ACTION: Tempe, AZ – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Denver, Colorado Flavor Ban

Mayor Hancock issued a VETO today on the flavored tobacco ban approved by the city council, expressing concern about youth just buying in nearby towns and the impact on small businesses. An override vote could happen as soon as Monday!

READ MORE: Mayor Hancock vetoes flavored tobacco ban slated to start in 2023

TAKE ACTION: Denver, CO Stop a Flavor Ban!

RESEARCH // eCigIntelligence Consumer Survey

This study needs 1,000 more participants! CASAA works cooperatively with eCigIntelligence to develop consumer survey questions that aid us in our advocacy efforts and help take the pulse of the vaping community. Please take the survey if you haven’t already!

TAKE SURVEY: USA Vape Consumer Survey 2021

AROUND THE WORLD // Philippines
Just two years after President Duterte threatened a total ban of vapor products and mere months after advocates exposed unethical “meddling” by wealthy US prohibitionist Mike Bloomberg, lawmakers acknowledge harm reduction and pass more reasonable regulation.


Despite having 2nd largest Asian Pacific cigarette black market, lawmakers propose youth AND nicotine prohibition that will create a preposterous scenario where a 54 year old adult can’t buy the mandated very low nicotine, filterless cigarettes, but a 55 year old adult can.

READ MORE: Desperate to Win the Smokefree Race, New Zealand Resorts to Prohibition

IN THE NEWS // Upcoming Research

University to do 5 yr study to determine impact of vapor regulations in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. Will also look at if vaping is a public health benefit, harmful, or a bit of both.

READ MORE: University of Waterloo in Ontario part of global study on impact of e-cigarette rules

FDA // Harming Public  Health?

CTP Director Mitch Zeller’s article highlights the absurdity of FDA claiming to “protect public health” by banning new, low risk, smoke-free products while preexisting deadly cigarettes have de facto FDA authorization.

READ MORE: Tobacco control and prevention efforts in the U.S

RESEARCH // Youth Vaping Update

2021 Monitoring the Future survey shows largest single-year decline in youth use of nicotine vapor products, contradicting anti-vaping claims that youth “epidemic” is ongoing. Cigarette smoking also continued to drop dramatically. Unsurprisingly, anti-vaping groups are putting a spin on the data as “still a serious public health problem” and once again called for a total ban of non-tobacco flavored vapor products.

READ MORE: Percentage of adolescents reporting drug use decreased significantly in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic endured

READ MORE: Monitoring The Future Survey Data Tables

NATIONAL // Heads Up!

Representative Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) have introduced the Clarifying Authority Over Nicotine Act of 2021, giving FDA authority to regulate synthetic nicotine the same as tobacco products.

Lawmakers seem to have forgotten that the war on nicotine began to end SMOKING–not all nicotine use regardless of risk. They also fail to see how unreasonable regulation is what CREATED the shift to synthetic nicotine in the first place, and this Act will do nothing more than grow the black market!

READ MORE: Rep. Sherrill Introduces Clarifying Authority Over Nicotine Act

IN THE NEWS // New FDA Commissioner?

Sen. Richard Burr urged Biden nominee Dr. Robert Califf to “get your house in order” over bungled PMTAs & authorize more of the “new, potentially less harmful alternative[s];” while Sen. Tammy Baldwin worried about synthetic nicotine.

READ MORE: Califf Hearing Offers Few Clues to Future FDA Vape Regulation


Some experts are seeing harm reduction–even vaping–as a better option.

“85% of folks with HIV will keep smoking, so giving them no recommendation but to keep trying to quit is a real shortcoming and a gap in our care.”

READ MORE: Because Most HIV-Positive Smokers Never Quit, Some Experts Are Calling for Harm Reduction—Including Lung-Cancer Screenings

BAD POLICIES // Teen Vaping

Schools are installing “vape detector systems” with just one of the sensors costing nearly $1,600. However, they are likely a waste of money, because administrators clearly failed to educate themselves about “stealth vaping.”

READ MORE: Sturgis Public Schools installs sensors to crack down on vaping

PUBLIC HEALTH // Endgame Tactics

Prohibitionists lie about vaping risks; are apparently more concerned about the tobacco industry making money from harm reduction–and that people could keep using nicotine without dying–than actual deaths from smoking.

The immediate toxic effects of e-cigarettes far outweigh those of conventional cigarettes, so how can we assert that they are safer in the long term? As with any medicinal product, it is up to the manufacturer to prove that they are safe, not for doctors to prove that they are harmful.


There is no robust evidence that e-cigarettes accelerate smoking cessation; e-cigarettes should be properly compared with existing methods of quitting smoking. The single study cited by Public Health England suggesting the benefit of e-cigarettes showed that, after 1 year, smokers using conventional nicotine replacement had quit smoking, whereas those using e-cigarettes were still using these devices, essentially exchanging one form of nicotine addiction for another, thus guaranteeing continued income for big tobacco. Many e-cigarette users also used tobacco—the dream scenario for manufacturers.”

READ MORE: Another public health catastrophe

CASAA IN ACTION // Psychoactive Podcast

Ethan Nadelmann (@ethannadelmann) interviews CASAA director Matt Culley (@MattFromSMM) about the history of #vaping, vape advocacy, nicotine, public health opponents and the FACTS about adult vs. youth vapers.

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