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Vaping Causes “Accidental Quitting” and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

New study links “accidental quitting” with vaping. Heads up for Santa Ana, CA and Colorado. FDA authorizes deadly new cigarettes (with very low nicotine) and more!

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casaa cta flavor ban
CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Portland, Maine Flavor Ban

A 3-0 vote by the committee has moved the proposal to consideration by the full council. The council likely will vote on it late next month or early next year. If it passes, it probably would go into effect in June. See link for more info and TAKE ACTION!

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Tempe, Arizona Flavor Ban

Tempe City Council is moving forward with a ban on flavored tobacco/nicotine products (including synthetic). Staff are being directed to research the proposal further, so it will likely come back up in early 2022. Stay alert!

TAKE ACTION: Tempe, AZ – Stop a Flavor Ban!

HEADS UP! // Santa Ana, California Flavor Ban

Council members supported banning flavored nicotine/tobacco products, but put off making a final decision until a future date. There was concern for how it would affect hookah users, but not so much for adults who smoke.

READ MORE: Could Santa Ana ban flavored tobacco sales?

HEADS UP! // Colorado Flavor Ban

Following defeat of the flavor ban in Denver and calls for state action–but ignoring 2021 statistics showing a huge decline in youth vaping–lawmakers consider statewide prohibition of thousands of low risk alternatives to smoking based only on the flavor.

READ MORE: Colorado lawmakers to target flavors in vaping and smoking products in 2022

PUBLIC HEALTH // FDA Authorizes Deadly New Cigarettes

FDA deems Very Low Nicotine (VLN) cigarettes to be “reduced exposure” to nicotine, while banning millions of vape products that significantly reduced exposure to 60+ carcinogens, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, harmful particulates and are also available nicotine-free.

READ MORE: FDA Authorizes Marketing of Tobacco Products that Help Reduce Exposure to and Consumption of Nicotine for Smokers Who Use Them

PUBLIC HEALTH // Smoking Research Suggests Changing Vaping Focus

Youth whose caregivers smoke are 4x as likely to take up smoking, suggesting the current anti-vaping efforts focused on the youth least likely to smoke–rather than on adults who smoke and their children–are misguided at best.

READ MORE:  Smoking: Children of parents who smoke four times more likely to start, study says

RESEARCH // “Accidental Quitting” Confirmed

Of 1,600 subjects who had no intention to quit smoking, 28% who used vape products daily stopped smoking within 12 months, while less than 6% of those who did not use vape products daily were able to quit.

READ MORE: E-cigarettes may help smokers quit even if they don’t intend to, study finds

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