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Vaping Ban Updates, Vape Junk Science & More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Good news updates on attempted vaping and flavor bans in California and Colorado. University of Rochester and University of San Diego both release vape junk science. Heads up for advocates in Denver and Indiana. Take the 2020 ECI Vaping Consumer Survey. Michelle Minton discusses the issues covered in the new documentary, “You Don’t Know Nicotine.”

RESEARCH // 2020 Vaping Consumer Survey

The annual eCigIntelligence survey, done in conjunction with CASAA, gathers and shares factual information to ensure U.S. stakeholders and policymakers better understand the TRUTH about how and why adults vape (like flavors)! Take the survey today!

TAKE THE SURVEY: 2020 eCigIntelligence Consumer Survey

VIEW THE 2019 SURVEY CHARTS:  2019 eCigIntelligence Consumer Survey Charts

RESEARCH // Vape Junk Science

Researchers say flavors “measurably damage the lungs,” but don’t bother to compare “damage” to inhaling SMOKE, which is what most vapers would otherwise be inhaling! Banana and chocolate vapers – how’s your health since you’ve switched?

READ MORE: The Un-appeal of Banana: Liquid E-Cigarette Flavorings Measurably Injure Lungs

RESEARCH // Vape Junk Science

University of Rochester researchers report a vaping/COVID-19 link, but admit their study provides no evidence of causation. For a humorous look at the severe limitations of correlation, check out Tyler Vigen’s #SpuriousCorrelations charts on Twitter. This dubious correlation, however, is no laughing matter. Read THR advocate Clive Bates‘ summary via the tweet below!

READ MORE: Researchers claim to find vaping-COVID correlation

HEADS UP // Denver, Colorado

City officials are considering a flavor ban, because they’ve been led to believe “8 out of 10 vaping teens use flavors.” In fact, the majority of those teens have only “tried” a vapor product in past 30 days and are not daily users. According to the CDC 2020 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: E-cigarette Use Among Middle and High School Students,” less than 4 out of 100 High School teens vaped flavored products on a daily basis! Additionally, the vast majority of adult vapers prefer non-tobacco vapor product flavors to keep from smoking. City officials should know the FULL facts before creating new laws!

READ MORE: Denver Considering Ban of Flavored Vaping Products, Menthol Cigs

DO MORE: If you live in Colorado, join the CASAA Colorado Facebook Group

HEADS UP // Indiana

When they start talking about “tobacco taxes” to “help people quit smoking,” also be prepared for unjustifiable tax proposals on 95% safer, smoke-FREE products (some that don’t even contain “tobacco”) that hit low income folks hardest.

READ MORE: Indiana could increase tobacco tax to use for Hoosier health

DO MORE: If you live in Indiana, join the CASAA Indiana Facebook Group

REVIEW // Michelle Minton, CEI

Michelle Minton reviews the findings in the documentary, “You Don’t Know Nicotine.”

Given enough time, money, and power, a relatively small group of interests succeeded in manipulating the truth to serve their own ends.

READ MORE: Documentary Exposes Global Nicotine Misinformation Campaign

UPDATE // California Flavor Ban

Statewide vaping and tobacco product flavor ban, which was to take effect on Jan. 1, 2021, will NOT take effect until signatures are verified for a ballot measure to repeal the ban and at least Dec. 2022 if signatures are verified.

READ MORE: California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban Delayed Until Signature Verification Process Complete

UPDATE // Loveland, Colorado Flavor Ban

Council voted 6-2 to postpone vaping flavor ban vote after 6 hours of lively discussion last week. Staff members were directed to bring back two versions of ordinance — one w/a flavor ban and one with raising age and compliance checks.

WATCH VIDEO: Loveland City Council Meeting 12/08/2020

UPDATE // San Francisco Multi-unit Residential Use Ban

The ordinance to ban smoking and vaping in San Francisco multi-unit homes failed to get a second vote from supervisors last week Tuesday, meaning that the proposal is dead for now! #VapingSavesLives

READ MORE: San Francisco nixes smoking ban inside apartments