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WHO Call to Action, Research Bias and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Harm reduction advocates embracing tobacco harm reduction. Results of bad Public Health policies. Worldwide Call to Action. CASAA in Action. Exposing roots of Anti-THR Research bias and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Tell the World Health Organization to Stop Lying

Lawmakers are contemplating an amendment to the Electronic Cigarette Substance Standards that would cap nicotine strengths to 3% in closed systems. Public comments will be accepted until 7/15/2021 and can be sent to Take action now!

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CASAA IN ACTION // Website Update

CASAA has launched a new “Facts & Myths” section on its already extensive website!

“This is yet another resource provided by CASAA in its mission to get truthful information about THR to the public,” said CASAA President Danielle Jones.

CHECK IT OUT: l Facts & Myths

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Harm Reduction Advocates Embracing THR

I also got very interested in a semi-new issue for me, which is the fight over e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction — where I basically think that this push for banning and demonizing e-cigs is going to wind up being a net step-backwards in terms of broader public health goals.
~ Ethan Nadelmann

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PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY // Shipping Ban Consequences

More than 400 businesses signed a letter urging FedEx to reconsider its ban on shipping vaping products. The signers include liquid manufacturers, distributors and vape shops across the country.

Shipping bans have subsequently made products more expensive for consumers trying to quit smoking.

“We used to ship a package from store to store for $30 and now we can’t get it from store to store for less than $325.” ~ Josh Sprague, Vape Store Owner

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(Helen Redmond, Filter Magazine)

The war on nicotine has hit home for Patt Denning as it has for millions of people who vape. 

“I was freaked out when I heard that I wouldn’t be able to get my vapes shipped to me,” she said. “I don’t think of my vape as medicine but that was kind of the feeling. All of a sudden I thought, ‘I found the right medicine and you’re going to take it away from me.’ I felt that desperation I imagine people on methadone feel when there is a hurricane or something. I was mad and I thought it was stupid. I had a fear reaction: ‘Oh no, I don’t want to go back to smoking cigarettes.’”

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Clearly having learned nothing from their neighbors down the coast in Ocean City, MD–and without any scientific evidence to support banning vaping outdoors–the mayor of Asbury Park, NJ claims that smoking and vaping on the boardwalk is a “health issue,” not a money grab (but the hefty fines will cost people anywhere from $250 – $1,000.)

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RESEARCH // Exposing Anti-THR Bias

Tobacco Harm Reduction advocate and researcher Dr. Brad Rodu lays out the facts about government research funding on his informative blog, exposing how the US government has set itself up as a driving force behind the storm of anti-THR/anti-vaping research that’s continually pummeling both THR advocacy and the industry.

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TAKE ACTION // CASAA State Facebook Groups

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CASAA MEDIA // Podcast

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