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Vaping Research, Calls to Action and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Vaping research, petition to WHO update, Calls to Action for Windsor, CA and Edgewater CO. Update for DC. Heads Up in Michigan. CASAA in Action and more.

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CALL TO ACTION // Windsor, CA Sales Ban

The total sales ban of nicotine vaping products (and flavors in all other low-risk tobacco products) has had the first reading, but the city council found the ban reasonable. There will be another public hearing before it’s official, so continue sending in comments!

HEARING VIDEO: Joint Windsor Town Council Meeting

DO MORE:  Windsor, CA – Stop a Total Vaping Sales Ban!

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CALL TO ACTION // Edgewater, CO Flavor Ban

The ordinance to ban flavored vapor and tobacco products passed unanimously on first reading. It will come back for discussion and a vote at the next Edgewater City Council meeting. Residents are still encouraged to make contact with council members prior to the final vote!

DO MORE:  Edgewater, Colorado – Stop a Flavor Ban!

DO MORE: If you live in Colorado, join the CASAA Colorado Facebook Group

RESEARCH // Switching Completely

This New Zealand study confirms that switching to vaping from smoking is a different journey for each person–something vaping advocates have known for years. Vaping researcher Professor Janet Hoek said the observed variety in behaviors implied traditional smoking cessation program goals were too ‘‘simplistic.’’

“Classifying behaviours using point-prevalence categories, like achieving ‘smoke free’ status after 12 weeks, may be simplistic, especially during the early stages of an ENDS-assisted quit attempt. Cessation support programmes involving ENDS may need to run for longer than the conventional 12-weeks to ensure people have access to support during what could be an extended period of movement between smoking and ENDS use,” she explains.

Put simply, the “dual use” often used as a point of criticism against the efficacy of vaping for smoking cessation is based on a outdated tobacco control standards and expectations. Vaping is vastly different than gums or patches, and varied dual use periods should be expected.

READ MORE: The variable journey from smoking to vaping

RESEARCH // Vaping and COVID-19

Ignoring all of the real world studies finding no increased risk for humans contracting COVID-19 due to vaping, the authors claim their study of mice “provides further evidence for vaping being a risk factor for COVID-19.” (Mice definitely shouldn’t vape.)

In humans, however, other researchers have theorized nicotine may actually be protective against COVID-19 infection. If they do become infected, scientists found that COVID-19 patients who smoked were found to have worse outcomes than non-smokers. Mysteriously, those who had already quit smoking (ie. “former smokers”) appeared to the worst outcomes.

READ MORE: Vaping Increases Susceptibility to Coronavirus in Mice

HEADS UP! // Michigan Vape Tax

Senate Bills 572 through 577 would impose excessive taxes, marketing restrictions and more on vapor products. 

  • Open-system vapor products (bottled e-liquid): 18% wholesale tax
  • Closed-system vapor products (pre filled pods, cigalikes, etc.): 60c/mL
  • Alternative Nicotine Products (like nicotine pouches): 50c/oz

The Michigan Senate isn’t back in regular session until September, at which time these bills are expected to move with urgency!

DO MORE:  Michigan – Stop a Vapor Tax!

DO MORE: If you live in Michigan, join the CASAA Michigan Facebook Group


Steven Greenhut at the R Street Institute gave CASAA’s Utah Call to Action–and THR in general–some great coverage in InsideSources!

Like CASAA, we at the R Street Institute take a more practical approach—one that focuses on ‘harm reduction.'”

READ MORE:  Utah Nicotine Caps Derail Harm Reduction Efforts

UPDATE // Washington D.C. Ban

Mayor Muriel Bowser has signed into law the bill banning the sale of vaping and low risk tobacco product in non-tobacco flavors, including menthol. Flavor bans irresponsibly make it more difficult for people to quit smoking.

READ MORE:  DC Bans Sale of Menthol Cigarettes, Flavored Tobacco/Vapor Products

ADVOCACY // Stronger Together

This community is amazing! You exceeded the first goal of 5,000 signatures (by far) in just a few days and now the international Voices4Vape petition to the World Health Organization is already less than 200 hundred signatures shy of hitting the second goal of 7,500. The petition calls for the WHO to “start to follow its own constitutional mandate and the peer-reviewed science –  which they have so far willfully and cynically failed to do.” Keep the momentum going!

DO MORE:  Sign the Petition to the WHO

TAKE ACTION // CASAA State Facebook Groups

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