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Anti Tobacco Tactics, UK Research and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Kansas City, MO Call to Action. Dr. Rodu and a Forbes article expose anti-tobacco tactics. Guy Bentley warns Maine not to follow Massachusetts flavor ban. Report spins on teen vaping.  UK study questions public use bans while government reviews tobacco snus ban. COVID increased smoking rates. SCOTUS ends FDA lawsuit.

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CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Kansas City, Missouri

City Council has moved forward, again, with an ordinance banning sale of flavored vapor & other smoke-free products. CASAA makes it easy to submit a written comment–just click the link!

casaa cta flavor ban

READ MORE: Kansas City, MO – Stop a Flavor Ban

DO MORE: If you live in Missouri, join the CASAA Missouri Facebook Group

ADVOCACY // Exposing Anti Tobacco Tactics

Dr. Brad Rodu reveals the tactic used for ending all nicotine use – “TIP TOE.” The idea that any “compromise” will get them to back off is naive. Each & every concession is just a small step towards accomplishing their “end game” goal.

Dr. Brad Rodu

READ MORE: The War on Tobacco Flavors Is Another Element of the TIP-TOE Game Plan: Tacit Incremental Prohibition – Tobacco Elimination

THE MORE YOU KNOW // Exposing Media Anti-Vaping Bias

A headline by Forbes Magazine, which is usually harm reduction-friendly, states e-cigarettes “Are Likely As Harmful To The Brain As Regular Cigarettes,” yet the evidence presented in the article is no more than a lot of “may, could, might, we don’t know” claims. It’s also mainly based on studies about smoke and smoking, which has toxins that affect the brain not found in vapor products.

Ironically, Steve Forbes is adamantly opposed to the lies being told about vapor products.

READ MORE: Accumulating Evidence Suggests E-Cigarettes Are Likely As Harmful To The Brain As Regular Smoking

RESEARCH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Spin

Headlines focus on 1 in 5 teens vaping “at least one puff in past 30 days,” however the data also shows–but CDC report doesn’t highlight–that only 4.4% are “daily” vapers, an accepted marker for dependency.  The “Tobacco End Game” goal is often stated as having a smoking rate under 5%.

STUDY LINK: Study: Youth vaping down, but 1 in 5 U.S. teens still using e-cigarettes

RESEARCH // Policy Consequences

UK study finds public vaping bans could not only deter around 85,000 people from quitting smoking, but would disproportionately affect the disadvantaged. Urge weighing “negligible risks to bystanders” against great risks of smoking.

STUDY LINK: Smokers’ use of e-cigarettes in situations where smoking is not permitted in England: quarterly trends 2011-2020 and associations with sociodemographic and smoking characteristics

RESEARCH // Impact of COVID Pandemic on Smoking

Study finds fear of greater risks from COVID did little to decrease smoking. Unfortunately, we’ll never know if smoking would have declined had the State not banned appealing vapor flavors & made vaping much more expensive with a 75% tax. And if public health groups hadn’t warned people vaping carried the same risks as smoking, without any scientific evidence to support the claim!

READ MORE: How the pandemic affected smokers

COMMENTARY // Anti-vaping Policy Analysis

“Maine has the chance to learn from—and avoid—the self-created problems that ill-advised flavored tobacco bans are causing in Massachusetts and San Francisco.”

~Guy Bentley, Reason

READ MORE: Maine Should Learn From Massachusetts’ Failed Flavored Tobacco Ban


The US Supreme Court declined to review a challenge to FDA’s authority under the Tobacco Control Act. Unfortunately, rejection by the high court means the lower court decisions stand and there is no further legal path for the lawsuit.

READ MORE: Supreme Court Rejects Big Time Vapes Appeal

PUBLIC HEALTH // Bad Public Health

Fargo Cass Public Health Tobacco Prevention Educator Melissa Markegard recklessly, inaccurately and (arguably) unethically tells reporter (and anyone reading the article,) “Vapes are not safer than cigarettes.”

READ MORE: Here’s what parents need to know to combat vaping

PUBLIC HEALTH // Good Public Health

The UK is finally reviewing the evidence (really–lack thereof) for the EU ban on smoke-free snus! Snus has been instrumental in Sweden reaching a smoking rate below the “end game” 5% and 30 years of research has found snus does NOT increase risk for any disease.

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