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Asinine Nicotine Tax is Back and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Nicotine tax is in, cigarette tax out as lawmakers break promise with updated federal funding bill. Call to Action Portland, Maine. Washington County, OR and Walnut Grove, CA ban flavors. New information on FDA PMTA rejections comes to light and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // National Nicotine Tax Updated

No longer raising taxes on combustible tobacco products, the NEW VERSION of the Build Back Better funding bill only targets ANY TYPE of nicotine used in harm-reducing products at $50.33 per 1,810 mg! Please TAKE ACTION NOW even if you already did it before!


TAKE ACTION: Stop an Excessive Federal Tax on Safer Nicotine Products

CALL TO ACTION // Portland, Maine Flavor Ban

The City Council is moving forward with a proposal to ban the sale of all flavored vapor and tobacco products. The ordinance is expected to be introduced on Tuesday, November 9 at 5:30 PM!

casaa cta flavor ban

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTON // Washington County, Oregon Update

County bans flavors despite significant decline of youth vaping, FDA authorization of a vapor product as “appropriate for the protection of public health” and evidence curiosity–not flavors–are main reason youth vape.

READ MORE: Oregon county bans sale of flavored tobacco products

LOCAL LEGISLATION // Walnut Creek, California Flavor Ban Update

Despite significant decline of youth vaping, FDA authorization of a vapor product as “appropriate for the protection of public health” and ability to follow adults-only hookah model, city bans flavored harm reduction products.

READ MORE: Walnut Creek Officials Approve Ban On Selling Flavored Tobacco, Vaping Products

LOCAL LEGISLATION // St. Paul, Minnesota Update

New law creates an ABSURD scenario where snus (acknowledged by FDA to be “appropriate for the protection of public health”) has the same $10 minimum cost as deadly cigarettes, and shops selling low risk vaping products can’t open within 1/2 mile of places selling combustible cigarettes.

READ MORE: St. Paul approves new tobacco restrictions, including $10 minimum for packs of cigarettes

IN THE NEWS // FDA Intrigue

Journalist Alex Norcia acquires memos showing FDA “applied a ‘Fatal Flaw’ review to the vapor companies with the most applications for flavored products…searched for 2 types of studies, and if they were not apparent, denied the applications.”

READ MORE: FDA Memos Reveal Its “Fatal Flaw” Rejection Plan for Flavored Vapes


Updated [Build Back Better Act] made up the revenue lost by going light on those billionaires by expanding tobacco taxes to additional nicotine products, replacing a tax that was highly progressive with one that is highly regressive.”
Sara Sirota & Ryan Grim, The Intercept
PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY // Public Health Fiasco
Investment advisors analyze the latest nicotine tax plan for the Build Back Better Act and find it would “make e-vapor and nicotine pouches less attractive to existing smokers in relative terms – effectively protecting cigarette sales.”

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