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Vaping Research Again Shows Vaping is Safer and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action for vaping bills in Maine and Washington. Researchers looking for adverse effects find vaping is still significantly less toxic than smoking. CASAA Live is back! Heads up alerts in Mississippi, Colorado, California and Hawaii. Commentaries and more!

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casaa cta flavor ban
CALL TO ACTION // Portland, Maine

The Portland City Council is moving forward with a proposal to ban the sale of all flavored vapor and tobacco products. First Reading of this ordinance took place on Wednesday, January 19!

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine: Stop a Flavor Ban


CALL TO ACTION // Washington State

If enacted, HB 1676 would impose one of, if not the highest retail taxes on vapor products in the country. A 33% tax would be paid on hardware, tanks, coils, batteries, and e-liquid. Take action NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Washington State Stop a Tax Hike on Vapor Products

HEADS UP // Mississippi

State @SenDavidBlount doesn’t seem to understand that his crusade to increase the cost of vapor products is regressive: making far safer alternatives to smoking less affordable for adults, without impacting teen experimentation.

READ MORE: Blount Files Bill to Tax E-Cigarettes at Same Rate as Conventional Cigarettes


The Colorado legislature is trying to jump on the flavor ban wagon just after Denver’s mayor vetoed a ban. He said it should be a statewide ban and the anti-vape brigade apparently took that as a dare. Call to Action will be coming soon!

READ MORE: Colorado House Bill 22-1064

HEADS UP // Sacramento County, California

The Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance at their last meeting that bans flavored tobacco/vape sales in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County. The final vote will be during the upcoming Jan. 25 Board meeting!

READ MORE: Sac County Supervisors look to ban flavored tobacco sales abroad

HEADS UP // Hawaii

State lawmakers are again making false claims about vapor products, including that they are “targeting kids” and “are a gateway into nicotine addiction,” to pass a flavor ban that would only stop adults from quitting smoking.

READ MORE: Keiki Caucus says it hopes to ban flavored vaping products this year

latest research on vaping gateway smoking
RESEARCH //  Vaping and Vision

Not so fast. Researchers found vapers were more likely to report vision problems, but as the eye condition may have preceded the vaping and the subjects likely previously smoked, authors DON’T prove vaping was the cause.

READ MORE: E-cigarette toxins may damage users’ sight

RESEARCH // Second-hand Vapor and Respiratory Problems

Experts call out glaring mistakes made in observational study that finds highly dubious correlation between second hand vapor and respiratory problems. 

READ MORE: Expert reaction to study looking at second hand nicotine vaping in the home and respiratory symptoms in young adults

Kudos to Cameron English over at American Council on Science and Health for calling out the conclusions of the “second-hand vapor” study above as “little more than wishful thinking!” 

READ MORE: ‘Secondhand Vaping’ Risks Don’t Justify Public E-Cigarette Restrictions

RESEARCH // Adverse Effects on Head, Neck, and Oral Cells

Researchers misattribute EVALI to e-cigarette use; find possible risk of adverse effects on head, neck, and oral cells from vaping, but they can’t ignore the fact that vaping is still far safer than smoking.

Of note, most articles in this systematic review found cigarette smoke to be significantly more toxic to head, neck, and oral cells than e-cigarettes.”

READ MORE: Adverse Effects of E-cigarettes on Head, Neck, and Oral Cells: A Systematic Review


CASAA Live was back this week with special guest, author, documentary filmmaker and THR advocate Helen Redmond @aftariak! Join us on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook Saturdays at 4:30 PM Eastern/3:30 PM Central/1:30 PM Pacific time! 

READ MORE: About Helen Redmond


CASAA IN ACTION // CASAA Director Matt Culley

CASAA director Matt Culley (@MattFromSMM) calls ’em as he sees ’em on Reg Watch. ❤️


COMMENTARY // The War on Nicotine

With the War on Drugs proven to be an epic fail–most damaging to minority, low income and LGBTQ communities, and those struggling with their mental health–do we really want to amp up the war on nicotine, a drug used most often by folks in those communities? 

COMMENTARY // Anti-Vaping Fallacy

The red herring in this Chicago Daily Herald article makes us so angry! Arguing never-smokers shouldn’t vape because of (mostly debunked) “dangers” doesn’t prove vaping isn’t still “the best way to kick a smoking habit and to decrease the risk of tobacco-related diseases.” Obviously, “never-smokers” don’t need to “kick the habit” or “decrease the risk of tobacco-related diseases!”

READ MORE: Healthy Choices in the New Year: The Dangers of Vaping


Marc Gunther’s latest article for Medium rightly calls out CDC for failing “to admit it was wrong about the deadly disease that it misnamed “EVALI.”

This is much more than a question of semantics. The CDC’s reluctance to rename EVALI and correct its communication around the disease has almost surely discouraged smokers from switching from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes, which are much less dangerous. No one has died from vaping e-cigarettes; smoking causes about 480,000 deaths a year.”
~Marc Gunther

READ MORE: The CDC’s EVALI screwup 

COMMENTARY // Michelle Minton and Clive Bates




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