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Vaping Flavors Threatened and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Call to Action for another vaping bill in Washington state. Research funded by NIH, FDA provides evidence vaping helps people quit smoking. Heads up alerts in Connecticut, California and Illinois. Marc Gunther calls out CDC while Dr. Rodu calls out FDA and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Washington State

SB 5768 would grant Secretary of Health broad authority to ban flavors, establish a nicotine cap and much more. All without ensuring public debate about potentially harmful regulations. Public hearing Jan. 31 at 1:30 PM!

TAKE ACTION: Washington-Stop Unelected Health Officials From Banning Flavored Vapor Products

casaa cta flavor ban
CALL TO ACTION // Portland, Maine

The Portland City Council is moving forward with a proposal to ban the sale of all flavored vapor and tobacco products. First Reading of this ordinance took place on Wednesday, January 19!

TAKE ACTION: Portland, Maine: Stop a Flavor Ban


CALL TO ACTION // Washington State

If enacted, HB 1676 would impose one of, if not the highest retail taxes on vapor products in the country. A 33% tax would be paid on hardware, tanks, coils, batteries, and e-liquid. Take action NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Washington State Stop a Tax Hike on Vapor Products

HEADS UP // Illinois

Illinois Senator Morrison has introduced SB3854, which would ban all vape flavors, including but not limited to “tobacco, menthol, mint, or wintergreen flavoring.” Sounds like only “unflavored” e-liquid could be sold. Join CASAA for upcoming Call to Action alerts!

READ MORE: SB3854 Flavored Tobacco Ban

HEADS UP // California

A proposed bill is absurdly attempting to ban single-use, low risk alternatives to smoking (typically the only kind available next to cigarettes in convenience stores,) while allowing filterless cigarettes to still be sold.

READ MORE: California lawmakers introduce bill banning single-use tobacco products

HEADS UP // Connecticut

Governor Lamont says he’s “ready to go” with a vape/tobacco flavor ban, saying he’d “like to work with the legislature to see if they’ll step up. I’ll sign it.”

READ MORE: ‘Ready to go.’ Flavored-vape ban on Lamont’s agenda

latest research on vaping gateway smoking
RESEARCH //  Abuse Liability

READ MORE: Part One: Abuse Liability of Vuse Solo Relative To Combustible Cigarettes And Nicotine Gum

RESEARCH // E-cigarette use may lead some to quit traditional cigarettes

While not at all an endorsement for vaping by NIH, at least it acknowledged this study. Funded by “impeccable” sources (FDA and NIH), anti-vaping orgs will find it problematic when trying to claim there is “no evidence” vaping helps adults quit smoking!

READ MORE: E-cigarette use may lead some to quit traditional cigarettes


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COMMENTARY // Dr. Brad Rodu

Dr. Rodu had both a blog post and an article on The Well about how FDA is doing with the regulation of tobacco and nicotine products.

READ MORE: Facts About Safer Smoke-Free Products Are “Somewhere,” But Not at the FDA

The FDA’s decision to remove nicotine but keep the smoke is dead wrong.”

READ MORE:  FDA Blunders by Favoring Combustible Cigarettes Over Vastly Safer Smoke-Free Products

COMMENTARY // Marc Gunther

Many former smokers who quit by taking up vaping would, I’m sure, love to meet with Michael Bloomberg. They may not be “data.” But they are men and women who believe their lives have been saved by vaping. Their worry is that Bloomberg and his allies want to deny that opportunity to others.”

READ MORE: Michael Bloomberg loves data. Except when he doesn’t.

COMMENTARY // Martin Cullip

The public trusts the CDC to provide sound science-based information, yet their misleading and often categorically false statements surrounding vapes and other reduced risk nicotine products borders on fake news.”

READ MORE: Op-Ed: The CDC is mimicking anti-vaxxer rhetoric in its messaging on nicotine

HARM REDUCTION // UK Smoking Cessation Efforts

Alex Norcia reports on how local governments in England managed to improve their smoking cessation services in 2021, despite significant funding issues, partly due to recommending vaping.

READ MORE: English Councils Improve Smoking Cessation Work Despite Funding Cuts


About 28% of Lithuania’s adults smoke cigarettes—one of the highest smoking rates in the EU. So lawmakers decided the best way to reduce smoking is to ban the flavored vapor products helping adults quit smoking?

READ MORE: Lithuania’s Flavor Prohibition Takes Effect July 1st

IN THE NEWS // State of Tobacco Control Report

The American Lung Associations 20th “State of Tobacco Control” report illustrates the ridiculous state of Tobacco Control. They’ve shifted the goal from ending smoking deaths to ending nicotine use, regardless of risk. They also continue to exaggerate the extent of youth use & ignore how vaping has helped lower both youth and adult smoking rates!

READ MORE: New Report: Flavored Tobacco Products and Youth Vaping Threaten 20 Years of Tobacco Control Progress

IN THE NEWS // Vape Shop Sues City

A vape shop in Moorhead, MN is suing the city over a flavor ban passed last year.

READ MORE: Lawsuit takes aim at Moorhead’s ban on flavored tobacco, vaping products

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