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World Vape Day 2021

World Vape Day is upon us, and like just about everything else in the vaping community, the celebration is being built from the ground up. This day is all about sharing the truth about vaping, which includes our success with switching. CASAA is also taking this opportunity to reach out for your support by kicking off our Spring fundraiser!

On Sunday, May 30, take a moment to share on social media your success with switching to smoke-free alternatives and why vaping is important to you. This is especially important now as more and more people are getting the wrong message about vaping and tobacco harm reduction. Your #WVD21 story could literally save someone’s life!

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While #WVD21 is a celebration of our success, it comes before the WHO’s World No Tobacco Day, on May 31 – a reminder of gaping inequities throughout the world when it comes to accessing safer nicotine products. The WHO has increasingly focused their day on attacking vaping instead of smoking, going so far this year as to put out messaging that “switching is not quitting.” Last year’s WVD campaign achieved over 70k Twitter mentions compared to the WHO’s 55k, however the engagement on both campaigns was nearly a tie. This year our goal is to completely overwhelm them, in a united show of support across the world for tobacco harm reduction! We need your help to achieve that!

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CASAA and pro-harm reduction organizations around the world are up against a massive funding imbalance that sees hundreds of millions of dollars from private donors, activist philanthropists, and tobacco tax dollars funnelled to coercive and intolerant campaigns that rely on fear and misinformation as tools to force behavior change. This David and Goliath imbalance is what makes donations from our members so important to the future of CASAA, and our ability to continue this life-saving work with you.

While it may be apparent that most of the work being done by tobacco harm reduction advocates is all about holding back a tidal wave of overly restrictive laws, we are, at the same time, building up to a tipping point. With your help, CASAA and the organizations we work closely with can continue building momentum toward shifting public opinion about low-risk alternatives to smoking and reaching lawmakers who need to hear the truth.

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This year alone we’ve begun to see some amazing journalists, researchers, and even politicians reject the mainstream misinformation machine and listen to the truth, data, and the people whose lives are improving because they quit smoking.

#ProTip: Share these and other positive articles along with your story on #WVD21:

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With your help, CASAA was able to drive more than 9000 comments to the USPS in opposition to the shipping ban. In state legislatures, tens of thousands of consumers are connecting with thousands of lawmakers. Flavor bans are being slowed down, stopped, and possibly even reversed because of your support.

CASAA members’ support is helping build our resources and keep them available for FREE.

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P.S. We’ve added a donor wall feature to our site, so if you’d like to add your name to our wall, just fill out the designated field on the donation form. Thanks Again!