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World Vape Day, E-cig Summit and more! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

A busy week for tobacco harm reduction advocacy with World Vape Day and the E-cigarette Summit. Research supporting vaping. Oregon bans online vape sales. Call to Action updates for Maine and Kansas City. A dubious flavor ban poll and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Kansas City, Missouri Update

Flavor ban is scheduled for a work session in the Finance, Government, and Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, June 6. This committee will meet to consider the ordinance on the following Wednesday, June 9!

casaa cta flavor ban


READ MORE: Kansas City, MO – Stop a Flavor Ban!

DO MORE: If you live in Missouri, join the CASAA Missouri Facebook Group

CALL TO ACTION // Maine Reminder

LD 1550 is a FULL flavor ban that includes mint, menthol, and wintergreen. CASAA expects this bill to soon move out of the Joint Committee on Health and Human Services to the full House of Representatives!

casaa cta flavor ban


READ MORE: Maine – Fight a Flavor Ban!

DO MORE: If you live in Maine, join the CASAA Maine Facebook Group


World Vape Day is May 30th, and like just about everything else in the vaping community, the celebration is being built from the ground up. This day is all about sharing the truth about vaping, which includes our success with switching! #WVD21 #WorldVapeDay

READ MORE: CASAA World Vape Day statement

DO MORE: Visit the World Vape Day site for more information on how to participate!


“Non-coercive, non-judgemental strategies are available to FDA and health officials, today, that don’t involve exposing people to different, more severe risks. It’s time we stop pretending that the most extreme, headline-grabbing interventions are the only ones available, and put the focus back on what people need rather than where we want them to be.”

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RESEARCH // Truthful Reporting

UK study finds that people who smoke–who get truthful, accurate information about nicotine vaping products–have “the most to gain from accurate e-cigarette perceptions.” More proof that US public health groups need to quit lying!

STUDY LINK: Tackling Smoker Misperceptions about E-cigarettes using Expert Videos

RESEARCH // Effect of Flavor Ban on Teen Smoking

Study finds San Francisco flavor ban “was associated with increased smoking among minor high school students relative to other school districts,” raising concerns that reducing access may motivate youths who would otherwise be vaping to smoke.

READ MORE: San Francisco Flavor Ban Tied to More Teen Smoking

STUDY LINK: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis of Youth Smoking and a Ban on Sales of Flavored Tobacco Products in San Francisco, California

RESEARCH // Effect of Vaping on Youth and Young Adult Smoking

Although completely ignored in reporting, Quebec survey finds (of those under 65 years old) teens and young adults vape the most and smoke the least, while those who smoke the most vape the least. More compelling evidence of vaping DISPLACING smoking.

READ MORE: A New Study Shows Quebec Smoking Trends & Millennials Still Use Cigarettes Over Vapes

STUDY LINK: Consumption of tobacco and vaping products in Quebec in 2020

RESEARCH // Public Health Journal Commentary

US tobacco/nicotine researchers argue to peers “that ignoring the potential benefits of harm reduction strategies may unintentionally lead to an erosion of trust in tobacco control among some members of the public.”

STUDY LINK: Tobacco Harm Reduction as a Path to Restore Trust in Tobacco Control

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // US E-Cigarette Summit 2021

Marc Gunther reports on the 2021 U.S. E-cigarette Summit, where “scientists and regulators who are open to the idea that e-cigarettes can reduce the harm caused by smoking shared their ideas, their findings and, occasionally, their feelings.”

READ MORE: The E-Cigarette Summit: “This is just a crazy space right now.”

PUBLIC HEALTH // Exposing Anti-vaping Tactics

Polls can be skewed by “leading questions.” An example of that would be: “There’s a youth vaping epidemic and experts say flavors are a driving factor. Do you support banning flavors?” Considering the source of the poll (an anti-vaping group that hired a PR firm touting its ability to “lead people to hold [our client’s] opinion or vote as [our client] would like”) and until we can see how the questionnaire was actually worded, skepticism of the results isn’t unreasonable.

READ MORE: New poll shows widespread support to ban flavored e-cigarettes and vapes

READ MORE:  Ban on flavors such as pina colada in e-cigarettes will take effect from July 2022 (English translation available through Google)

UPDATE: Oregon Online Sales Ban

HB 2261–a bill banning online sales of all nicotine vaping products–which had already passed out of the House with near-unanimous approval, passed out of the Senate on May 26th. It now moves to Gov. Kate Brown for her signature.

READ MORE: Oregon lawmakers close loophole used for underage purchases of nicotine vapes

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